Child Psychologist

How to Encourage Good Qualities in Your Child

Your responsibilities as a parent are often challenging yet rewarding. The love you have for your child is unconditional, and you unquestionably experience ups and downs. Celebrating the ups and working through the downs is important for your child’s development and growth. Laurie Grengs Counseling can help you discover how to encourage good qualities in […]

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Emotional Wellness

Tips to Rediscover Yourself After Divorce

When two people say “I do,” they promise to be with one another forever. Sometimes that everlasting connection changes, evolves in different directions, or otherwise loses its grip, resulting in divorce. The decision to end a marriage may not be anyone’s fault, and it is important to realize this when processing one’s emotions. Laurie Grengs […]

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Life Coach

Feeling Stuck? Envision Where You Want to Be with Life Coaching

If you are having difficulty with upcoming life decisions — such as where to go to college or how to reach a specific goal — a life coach can help. Guarantee success by involving guidance from an experienced life coach. Laurie Grengs Counseling can help provide you with direction, advice, and mentoring services needed to […]

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Tips to Strengthen Your Family Bond

A family’s connected energy is priceless. It is the ties we hold within our units that help us handle obstacles and difficult situations. Our relationships build us up and provide us with the support we need to feel fulfilled. While spending time with loved ones this holiday season, use these tips to strengthen your family […]

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Marriage Counseling

3 Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage

Deciding to unite two lives in marriage is a beautiful promise of commitment, friendship, and love. It’s important to know that after the vows have been said and the thank you letters are sent, there is continuous work to be done to maintain a fulfilling relationship. Continue reading for tips to strengthen your marriage. Never […]

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