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Discover Freedom from Depression


That overwhelming feeling of hopelessness may be more than general sadness. Depression symptoms and severity often differ from one person to the next, but there is positive news: This condition is treatable. Here, Laurie Grengs Counseling will introduce ideas to help you learn to manage and discover freedom from depression as you begin your path […]

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What Animals Can Teach Us About Love


We can learn a lot from our pets. From the emotional bonds they form with us humans to the relationships they have with other animals, our furry friends can offer deep insights into the true nature of ourselves and bring extraordinary meaning to every aspect of our lives. Read on as we explore what animals […]

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Tips for Family Summertime Fun

Summer is just around that corner and you know what that means:  School is almost out. Whether you are a stay-at-home parent or working full-time, planning entertaining and educational summer family activities is important for mental and physical wellbeing and to help build positive self-esteem in children, improve communication, and strengthen familial bonds. Read on […]

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Discovering Freedom from Alcohol


Alcoholism is a disease that affects about 17 percent of men and 8 percent of women during their lifetimes. As a coping mechanism, alcoholics have an emotional and physical dependence on alcohol. This can be a psychologically painful experience for the alcoholic and anyone who witnesses the effects. However, this struggle also presents an opportunity: […]

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Discover Your Own Springtime Renewal


As its name implies, the spring season is a time to bounce, bound, or rebound into newness. The regrowth of nature‚Äôs vegetation and blooming flowers signals a restored energy all around. See this season of exploration as a time to declutter emotions and expectations to welcome joy and strength. Experience a transformation and use these […]

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