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Experienced Anger Evaluation Therapist MN

Experienced Anger Evaluation Therapist MNThere is no magic wand that will wipe away problematic anger. People who have difficulty controlling anger must learn that managing anger is a process. And Laurie Grengs, with decades of experience in anger-evaluation therapy, is uniquely qualified to help you with the process of managing your anger in a more positive and productive way. It can also be helpful to go through an…

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Anger Management Therapy Anoka County

Anger Management Therapy Anoka County | Minnesota PsychologistThough anger is a natural human emotion, it can become a big problem in your life if not managed well. You may have been told by friends, family members, or co-workers that your anger is out of control, and you might have denied the truth of their expressions of concern.

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Anger Assessment Anoka County, Minnesota

Anger Assessment Anoka County, MinnesotaIf your life, or the life of a loved one, is negatively affected by anger, Laurie Grengs can help. Of all the human emotions, anger is at once one of the most basic and perhaps least understood of emotions. Our society tends to recognize that anger is a normal part of life, but it does not always provide the tools for us to process it in healthy ways. Consequently, our response to it can be distorted and unproductive. If we ourselves are prone to angry outbursts, we may explode without control and cause upset to those around us. If anger is more of an issue for a loved-one, we may learn to avoid conflict with them in all situations. Neither extreme does anyone any favors, and we promise you do not have to live like that.

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Anger Management Therapist for Adults

Anger Management Therapist for AdultsLife can be complicated, and life can be hard. Its complications and difficulties have been instilled in most of us since we were children. And when those complications and difficulties mix with extreme emotions, like anger and frustration, adults tend to respond expediently, meaning we do not often take the time to process our anger efficiently.

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Can People with Anger Issues Learn to Control it?

Can People with Anger Issues Learn to Control it?Anger is a natural and familiar part of the human emotional menu. But not all manifestations of anger are normal or healthy. In fact, some expressions of anger, or the behaviors associated with it, can be truly problematic. If you have received feedback from others about the way you express your anger

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