6 Tips on How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

New year, new me always seems to be the motto of a hopeful journey toward self-improvement, so how can you stop those resolutions from fading into oblivion two weeks into January? Staying on track with your resolutions requires a mindset geared toward consistency, resilience, and accountability. Setting clear goals, creating a routine, and focusing on […]

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Relaxing Evening Routine Ideas

Work, school, and life in general can often be stressful and demanding­. That is why time spent in the evening becomes incredibly valuable. Having a relaxing evening routine can help transition the stress of the day to a state of restfulness at night. Exercise, a nice warm bath/shower, and reading are some of the things […]

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Overcome the Winter Blues

Daylight saving time has recently ended. Unfortunately, at this time of year, we experience many more hours of darkness. With a decrease in sunlight and vitamin D intake, Seasonal Affective Disorder is prominent. But understanding ways to improve your serotonin levels is the first step toward beating the seasonal sadness. Continue reading our blog as […]

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Dealing with Work Burnout

Feeling anxious, stressed, and burned out? Laurie Grengs Counseling is here to give you tips on dealing with work burnout.

Do you feel emotionally exhausted, dreading your workday, hopeless, with zero motivation or energy to keep going? You may be experiencing symptoms of work burnout. Burnout feels like you are constantly exhausted from being overwhelmed by your job. One solution to work burnout is finding a new job. If this is not an option for […]

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Tips to Strengthen Your Family Bond

A family’s connected energy is priceless. It is the ties we hold within our units that help us handle obstacles and difficult situations. Our relationships build us up and provide us with the support we need to feel fulfilled. While spending time with loved ones this holiday season, use these tips to strengthen your family […]

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