Feeling anxious, stressed, and burned out? Laurie Grengs Counseling is here to give you tips on dealing with work burnout.

Dealing with Work Burnout

October 26, 2022

Do you feel emotionally exhausted, dreading your workday, hopeless, with zero motivation or energy to keep going? You may be experiencing symptoms of work burnout. Burnout feels like you are constantly exhausted from being overwhelmed by your job. One solution to work burnout is finding a new job. If this is not an option for you, Laurie Grengs Counseling is here to give you tips on dealing with work burnout.


Take time to do the things that make YOU happy. You need to make sure your mind, body, and soul are supported and nurtured. Taking mental health days from work and life can be a big part of staying healthy. Your health should come first. If you are feeling burned out, you need to take a step back and reevaluate what your body and mind need. Below are some examples of how to care for yourself.

  • Eat healthy foods
  • Get your body moving
  • Drink water
  • Soak up the sun
  • Meditation
  • Self-reflect
  • Talk to your friends/family
  • Get some much-needed sleep

Set Work Boundaries

It is okay to say no. Do not overcommit yourself at work. Saying no will help to enforce your personal boundaries and keep you on track. You may even want to set yourself as away when you are working on a big task. Learn to leave work behind. Today, there are a lot of work-from-home positions, and it is hard to step away when work is over. Do not forget to have a personal life too. If your burnout is getting worse, try deleting email, Microsoft Teams, and all other work communication off your personal device.  Also, make sure you are taking your breaks. They are there for a reason. Your lunch break isn’t just for you to eat; it is also for you to restore your thoughts, nourish your soul, and improve your mental health.

Make Workplace Friends

Going into the office can sometimes be dreaded but having a workplace bestie always helps boost work morale and lower stress. People who work with a friend/s are more likely to be involved in their jobs. People becoming friends at the office can also help improve the company overall. Workplace friends can also help to reduce employee turnover. Below, I talk about a few things you or your company can do to bring coworkers closer together.

  1. Learn coworkers’ names
  2. Ask questions
  3. Decorate your area
  4. Bring in yummy snacks
  5. Eat lunch together
  6. Have office parties

Ask for Help

If you start your workday/week and you have too many tasks at hand, always remember that it is okay to ask for help. Your friends, family, coworkers, and managers are there to help you with any situation. Asking for help will build a bond with your coworkers, help you learn new things, help manage workloads, and so much more.

Burnout at work can often cause damage to your personal life. Make sure to take the correct steps to combat your work burnout. Self-care, setting boundaries, and making office friends are just a few ways to avoid the stressors of your everyday work life. If you feel like you cannot take work burnout anymore, you can contact Laurie Grengs Counseling. Laurie is here to help you become stronger, happier, and more in tune with yourself.

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