Relaxing Evening Routine Ideas

August 30, 2023

Work, school, and life in general can often be stressful and demanding­. That is why time spent in the evening becomes incredibly valuable. Having a relaxing evening routine can help transition the stress of the day to a state of restfulness at night. Exercise, a nice warm bath/shower, and reading are some of the things you can incorporate into your stress-free evening routine. Read along as Laurie Grengs Counseling discusses relaxing evening routine ideas.


Moving your body with some sort of physical activity or light exercise at night will help to improve your mood and trigger the release of endorphins. However, try to avoid a high-level workout before bed because it might energize you. Opt for meditation, yoga, or light stretching instead. These exercises are soothing, stress-free, and encourage you to unwind and relax.

Take a Warm Shower/Bath

Taking a nice warm bath or shower at night can be a relaxing way to unwind and prepare yourself for a stress-free night of sleep. The warm water will help to relax your muscles, reduce tension, and reduce the hormone cortisol in your body. Another way to make your shower or bath more relaxing is by adding aromatherapy to it. Bath salts, oils, or eucalyptus trees are trending aromatherapy items.

Read a Book

Check your technology off at the door and pick up one of your favorite reads on the way to bed. Screen time before bed can be disruptive and bad for our minds. However, reading is a great way to rejuvenate and relax in bed after a long, hard day. Some benefits of reading before bed include mental stimulation, mindfulness, establishing a routine, and relaxation. Adding reading to your evening routine can help make for a peaceful atmosphere and promote good habits and relaxation at night.

Seek Laurie Grengs Counseling Support

A relaxing evening routine plays a big role in setting the stage for a restful and relaxing night’s sleep. Make sure you prioritize your self-care and overall well-being. Exercise, warm baths, and reading before bed are only a few ways to keep yourself relaxed and happy at night. If you feel that you are not getting enough sleep or that too many things are going through your head at night and you do not know how to control it, contact Laurie Grengs Counseling. I am here to listen, assess, and understand the current situation you are facing.

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