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Coon Rapids, MN Counseling Center

At The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy, we focus on utilizing the power of love to help you address your needs and desires, improve your relationships, and confront challenges. We aim to be a spiritual and psychological oasis for personal growth, helping you find unconditional love within yourself and share that love with others. With the help of our Coon Rapids, Minnesota therapists, you can choose to change your own path, divesting of negative patterns and finding the empowerment to pursue personal bliss through our coaching, counseling, and psychological evaluation services.

Counseling Services

Marriage Counseling – We work with married couples to identify issues creating tension and unhappiness within your marriage. We’ll help you grow together and as individuals in your relationship, reestablish the foundations of your marriage, and work through your marital challenges.
Couples’ Counseling – Improving any relationship can be a difficult process, and we’re here to help you identify and overcome the problems in your relationship by providing you with effective communication strategies, helping you set achievable relationship goals, and providing you with seven steps to building a healthier relationship.
Depression Counseling – If you’re suffering from depression or believe your behaviors and feelings may be symptoms of depression, we can help you work through it, healing your wounds and helping you achieve peace of mind. Any feelings, thoughts, and actions caused by depression can be challenged, worked through, and resolved as we help you better understand where your depression stems from and how you can face it head on.
Family Counseling – Our family counseling services are as diverse as the families we see, providing families of all shapes and sizes an outlet for open discussion and healing. Whatever challenges your family is facing, we’ll help you overcome your obstacles together to improve your family relationships and provide closure for unresolved issues.
Individual Counseling – Whether you’re simply in need of a non-judgmental space to vent or you’re facing personal challenges that you can’t work through alone, individual counseling will provide you with an outlet for self-reflection, personal growth, and overcoming mental, emotional, professional, and other personal challenges.
Adolescent Therapy – Young adulthood comes with its own set of challenges, and we work to help teens and young adults work through their unique obstacles so that they can lead happier, healthier lives, setting out on a productive path toward self-fulfillment and success.
Children’s Therapy – If your child is demonstrating behavioral challenges, needs a safe space for open communication, is overcoming a challenging or traumatizing life event, or needs help working through and accepting changes, our child therapists are here to help.
Trauma Counseling – If you’re suffering from unaddressed trauma, whether it be childhood trauma, repeated traumatic experiences, or a particularly traumatic period in your life that has stuck with you, we’ll help you work through and overcome the mental, physical, and emotional pain associated with your trauma.
Traumatic Event Therapy – When you suffer through a traumatic event, the resulting emotional, physical, and mental scarring can feel permanent. But it’s not. With traumatic event therapy, you can confront whatever traumatic event has left you in pain, moving beyond the fear, grief, and other negative effects of your trauma.
Anger Management Therapy – No matter who you are, you have your own ways of dealing with your anger. However, dealing with your own anger can often mean working through your emotions at the expense of others. With anger management classes, we’ll help you find new ways to express, control, and combat your anger so that you can positively improve your actions.
Substance Abuse Counseling / Recovery Coach – If you’re suffering through sobriety, our recovery coaches will help you work through your drug or alcohol abuse, providing you with strategies to curb your urges, helping you set goals, and providing you with a judgement-free space to communicate openly about your addiction and substance abuse.

Coaching Services

Life Coaching – When you’re feeling “stuck,” personally or professionally, we’ll help you distinguish what you want from life. With our life coaching services, we’ll help you evaluate where you are now and get yourself to a better place. By helping you set and achieve goals for your career or personal life, we’ll guide you in making the changes you want to see in your life, from building relationships to finding fulfillment in a career you love.

Psychological Evaluations

Psychological evaluations assess personality, behaviors, and capabilities of anyone evaluated for mental health issues, learning disabilities, developmental delays, memory problems, and other impairments. Psychological evaluations help doctors, teachers, families, and individuals begin building health care plans, alternative learning plans, and more to ensure that the needs addressed in the evaluation are met. See our Psychological Evaluations page for a complete list of the psychological assessments we provide to identify disorders, disabilities, impairments, and special needs.

No matter what obstacles you’re struggling to overcome, whether they be challenges with your relationships, professional life, or personal growth, The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy can help. Contact our licensed Coon Rapids, MN therapists today at 763-572-2326 or 877-572-2326, and join the countless people in the Minneapolis, MN area who have found peace at our center.