Adolescent Therapy

Therapy for Young Adults

Young adulthood may present as a time of difficult choices with inner turmoil. Ages 12 to 18 can be particularly challenging, filled with many phases: increased responsibility and decision making, hormonal changes, broadening social circles, new employment, or financial concerns. Add to that the pressures of ever-changing, often unattainable societal expectations, and it is no wonder many teens struggle. Adolescents are often just beginning to deal with those issues themselves on a conscious, personal level.

Encouraging Counseling for Teens

Many parents are burdened by a sense of guilt when they see their child struggling. Thoughts like, “I should have,” “He/she used to be,” or “It just runs in the family” are ways to make sense of the disconnect they feel with their child. Your young adult may be left feeling lost, trapped, and alone even though you offer unconditional emotional support.

Overcoming Obstacles with Adolescent Therapy

Therapy can reveal distorted beliefs and unhealthy triggers that hinder an adolescent from processing new and growing opportunities. With experience and practice, Laurie Grengs Counseling can assist times of unexplored and unexpected changes such as the following:

  • Family issues
  • Relationship struggles
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Difficulty forgiving
  • Ineffective coping mechanisms (drugs/alcohol)
  • Traumatic experiences
  • Depression
  • Academic underachievement

A psychologist who works with adolescents can help them answer difficult questions, overcome obstacles, and envision a future they want. A comfortable, open space allows for neutral conversation about those challenges while encouraging personal growth and acceptance. 

Laurie Grengs Counseling believes that love is a powerful tool that strengthens individuals to build the life they want. Whether your child is struggling with body disorders, self-esteem, self-harm, self-discovery, self-acceptance, bullying, school distress, social issues, or sexual identity, Laurie can help, with a goal to reveal the unconditional love within and around them to prepare them for whatever life brings. No matter how withdrawn your loved one has become, therapy can open the door to a greater connection with oneself, the world, and each other. 

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