Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling

Effective Communication Starts Here

Every relationship has its struggles. Couples counseling is a positive step in the right direction for couples in need of assistance with issues such as separation, communication, child rearing, and finances. At Laurie Grengs Counseling, you are greeted with respect and kindness in a safe environment to start the conversation and work towards mending what is not working in your relationship. Laurie provides expert guidance with compassion and training to help you navigate this stressful time.

A Safe Place to Start Conversations

If you are looking to mend what is not working well for you both or gently exploring various areas of obstacles before patching up an old wound, it is important to seek help. All it takes is the commitment of one partner to heal a relationship, shift a problem, or make a change. Whether you have been struggling over family, boundaries, money, and schedules or noticing a strain in emotional, sexual, spiritual, and intellectual intimacy, there is hope through couples counseling.

Practical Solutions for Couples

If you are looking to repair, strengthen, or heal old wounds in your relationship, it is important to seek help from a qualified professional. Whether you have struggled over family, boundaries, money, or schedules, or noticing a strain in emotional, sexual, spiritual, and intellectual intimacy, there is hope. Whether you come alone or with your partner, Laurie will help you rekindle the love you already share, beginning with some practical communication and behavioral exercises:

Your therapist will help you build bridges by rekindling the love you already share with your partner, beginning with some practical steps.

  1. Upon awakening from a night’s sleep, greet each other with gentleness, i.e. “I love you and I hope you have a wonderful day.”
  2. Provide uplifting encouragement, i.e. “I believe in you.”
  3. Give compassion, i.e. “I understand things are more difficult now. I care that you are hurting.”
  4. Inquire about your partner’s day, i.e. “I would like to know how things went for you today, please.”
  5. Exhibit kindness, i.e. “I would like to assist you with this project. Please let me know how that would look for you.”
  6. Show tenderness, i.e. gently touch your partner’s hand and say, “I appreciate you.”
  7. Behave with respect, i.e. “I know we are different, though I value you for who you are.”
  8. Provide forgiveness, i.e. when disappointed or hurt with your partner’s behavior, take the initiative to say, “I forgive you. Let us move on, please.”
  9. When settling down for a night’s sleep, offer the words from your heart, “Thank you for all you did today. You are important to me.”

You may feel your future as a couple is in jeopardy, and couples counseling is a choice that can lead to your questions answered and relationship changed to fulfill each of your desires. With more than 40 years of experience in couples counseling, Laurie will create solutions you and your partner can turn to outside of therapy—deeply rooted and secure in each other.

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Couples Counseling FAQs

What can we expect in the first Couples Counseling session?

We have taken great care to provide a welcoming and comforting setting. Depending on the situation, one partner or both partners may attend the first session. During that time, we will discuss what you need and want from the relationship, as well as your history and struggles, to determine an approach that will be most beneficial for you. Through exploring the many aspects of your relationship, we will provide recommendations and steps to achieve your goals and dreams. At the conclusion of the first session, you and your partner will be encouraged to think through whether you want to take the next step to receive guidance and help create the relationship you both desire.

How do I know if my partner and I should seek Couples Therapy?

If you and your partner are experiencing a sense of uncertainty or confusion about your relationship, we suggest you reach out to explore if couples counseling may be a fit for you. We invite you to utilize our free 15-minute phone consultation to discover how we may assist. We welcome hearing from you, married or not married.

What will people think of us in Couples Counseling?

Couples counseling often has a stigma that “something may be wrong with us if we want help with our relationship.” The feeling of shame or embarrassment often comes up for couples or individuals seeking counseling. Yet pursuing help with healing your relationship indicates qualities of strength, bravery, and love for each other.

People who come to Laurie Grengs Counseling often seek help for difficulties with communication, parenting, making decisions about money, emotional connection, and interacting with the extended family.

Seeking couples counseling means you want for yourself and your partner more positive and cooperative behaviors that are in alignment with the values of love. Some couples are looking for support. Others are looking for ways to change the underlying reasons that bring about the issues with their relationship. With expert guidance from our couples therapist, there is hope that relationships can be healed and transformed.

With over 40 years of experience, Laurie Grengs Counseling offers the knowledge and dedication.

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