Trauma Counseling

Healing Beyond Hopelessness

Trauma can be experienced in many forms: childhood sexual abuse, physical abuse in childhood or in an adult love relationship, emotional abuse experienced as a child in “put downs,” judgment, and/or never feeling good enough. Neglect is also potentially very traumatizing when you are a child. The time is now for the pain and suffering to stop and have an expert Psychologist guide you to healing beyond despair, hopelessness, and fear.

The trauma counseling services of Laurie Grengs Counseling provide assistance in recovery, guiding and uplifting clients to regain feeling fulfillment and joy. Childhood trauma leaves wounds bound by shame and with assistance, women and men can move beyond the feeling of forever being trapped in a time they had no control over, to a freedom to walk this earth with confidence and peace.

Trauma can also be experienced in the death of a loved one, loss of job, natural disasters, automobile and airplane accidents, and experiences of combat in war. The memory and the horror of these experiences is deeply wounding to the soul, mind, and heart. In facing the feelings and memories with an experienced Psychologist, the mind, body, and soul move to another, higher level of knowing and awareness. This brings you beyond the experience so you can pull out of the trauma and rejoin life with a sense of wholeness and hope.

Do not let your past determine your future. If you have ever experienced a difficult or horrific event and are dealing with the ongoing effects of PTSD, Laurie Grengs Counseling can help you move you forward.

Move Forward from Trauma

Many people who have suffered trauma confront physical effects like exhaustion, sadness, anxiety, agitation, numbness, or depression every single day. These experiences may be triggered by objects, places, or people. Before seeking trauma counseling, these struggles may have been part of their everyday life. Counseling can assist an individual process what they have experienced and move forward with their life.

Trauma Counseling and Recovery

Recovering from traumatic experiences can seem like an impossible feat. If you or someone you know is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder or the ramifications of a trauma, counseling can improve quality of life and bring joy. All it takes is deciding to move forward one step at a time. Once you have made the choice to recover from your past, you can begin the process of facing, understanding, and recovering from the pain.

Traumatic Event Therapy

Traumatic experiences do happen, often very unexpectedly. These experiences need their own specific traumatic event therapy. Counseling for a client who has gone through a painful experience opens the “door” for their thoughts and feelings to be expressed in an uplifting, neutral, and safe environment.

When a traumatic event happens:

  1. The first step is to call Laurie Grengs Counseling to know that you are not alone, and compassionate guidance is readily available.
  2. The second step is to be aware that shame or feelings of embarrassment are inherent in trauma, which can stop you from reaching out for assistance.
  3. The third step is to know that a professional counselor will walk with you to freedom from any lasting emotional consequences.

As a competent resource in traumatic event therapy, Laurie Grengs Counseling identifies triggers and areas of emotional pain, creates a specific plan for you, and aligns with your best interest for healing and assists you to regain your inner peace.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

PTSD is often the result of severely traumatic experiences that have negative emotional, psychological, and physical ramifications. You may have trouble forgetting and moving on from experiences that have threatened your body or mind. This often results in flashbacks, depression, paranoia, hypervigilance, anxiety, and even suicidal thoughts. PTSD can vary in severity based on its symptoms:

  • Flashbacks in the form of hallucinations, traumatic daydreams, or nightmares.
  • Psychological unrest, such as depression, suicidal thoughts, guilt (sometimes in the form of “survivor’s guilt”), anger, anxiety, sleep disruption, and numbness.
  • Negative behaviors including aggression, recklessness, paranoia and hypervigilance, suicidal attempts, or self-harm.
  • Avoiding locations, situations, sights, sounds, people, and other reminders of traumatic experiences.

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