Marriage Counseling

Find Fulfillment in Your Marriage

If your marriage is struggling, take the first step toward resolution with an experienced marriage counselor. Marital strife—while unsettling—is often what marital partners describe. Work with a therapist at Laurie Grengs Counseling who will guide you and uplift you to feel confident. 

Support for Marital Fulfillment

Marriage: two lives committed to each other for a lifetime journey. If your marriage is struggling and/or you may be thinking of a separation or divorce, please contact Laurie Grengs Couseling for services to help aid your communication and allow a fresh, third-party perspective to mediate.

There is help and guidance for your marital relationship that exceeds anything either of you have dreamed.

Many people do not come equipped from their childhoods to know how to be married in a fulfilling manner. You are not alone. Laurie Grengs Counseling has worked with countless couples and, if you want to heal and transform to a higher consciousness together, you have come to a great opportunity. Laurie will walk the journey with you, guiding your every step.

There is no need to agonize. There is hope, transformation, and the ability to transcend beyond the emotional pain, arguing, silence, and suffering.

As each couple progresses in their life together, often there comes a time when the emotional and/or physical connection becomes strained. One partner may be more preoccupied with work. Or a partner thinks more of him or herself at the expense of a partner feeling neglected. Also, sex may have become infrequent, too little, or no contact, which may create concern in one or both partners. A first suggestion is to remember and remind yourself of the commitment you have made to yourself, your partner, and your marriage. Commitment does imply, that when times are tough – as a couple, it may be necessary to become creative and it is important to be compassionate with one another. 

Your marriage is very important to us. We will guide and assist you to a new level of love.

Working with a therapist at Laurie Grengs Counseling can uncover the root of the problem and help you secure a deeper connection that will sustain your love for a lifetime. 

7 Steps to a Healthy Marital Relationship

Here are seven steps to take when one or both of you are feeling alienated and/or scared.

  1. Act from love. Respond to what is in your marriage now as an opportunity to know yourself and your partner in a deeper manner. Spending time getting other people’s advice, including other family members, may be supportive, yet pick wisely who you listen to.
  2. Keep your verbal communication to “I” statements, i.e. I feel, I think, I want.
  3. Remember the order of a successful marriage is God, Marriage, and then Business.
  4. Empower yourself as a partner in your marriage by listening totally to your “other half,” with no agenda as you are listening.
  5. Take time to soothe yourself with a behavior that is uplifting so as you approach your marriage, when it is strained, you feel more refreshed.
  6. Share your daily agenda with the other and follow it. If your day changes, send off a quick update to your partner and ask what thoughts they have about the change in the layout of the day.
  7. Always put yourself “in the shoes” of the other person. The love of your life (or who at least was at one time) needs to know that you get them and are willing to learn, grow, and be teachable.

You can transcend beyond the emotional pain, arguing, or silence with guidance from an expert counselor, validation from an impartial listener, and professional support when you need it down the road. Laurie Grengs Counseling will guide you through each step toward a higher consciousness for a more fulfilling marriage.

Whether you are struggling with family dynamics, addressing past relationships, dealing with betrayal, infertility, sexual frustration, or money, or any number of issues, Laurie Grengs Counseling can assist you to manifest your goals and dreams.

Contact Laurie Grengs Counseling to speak with a marriage counselor.

Holistic Marriage Counseling FAQs

Married Couple Smiling

What is holistic marriage counseling? 

Holistic marriage counseling is a type of therapy that focuses on the whole person, including physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of their life. It recognizes that every individual is unique and that the issues they face in their marriage are often connected to their overall well-being.

How does holistic marriage counseling differ from traditional marriage counseling? 

Holistic marriage counseling takes a more comprehensive approach to addressing issues in a marriage. It recognizes that mental, emotional, and physical health are all interconnected and works to address these areas in tandem. Traditional marriage counseling may focus more specifically on communication or problem-solving skills.

What techniques are used in holistic marriage counseling? 

Holistic marriage counseling may incorporate a variety of techniques and practices, including mindfulness meditation, guided visualization, breathing exercises, and energy work. Counselors may also incorporate nutrition and exercise recommendations as part of a comprehensive treatment plan.

What are the benefits of holistic marriage counseling? 

Holistic marriage counseling can help couples address the root causes of their problems, rather than just treating the symptoms. It can also help couples develop greater self-awareness, improve communication skills, and build stronger, more fulfilling relationships.

Is holistic marriage counseling appropriate for all couples?

Holistic marriage counseling can be beneficial for many couples, but it may not be appropriate for all. Couples who are experiencing serious mental health issues or addiction may require more specialized treatment.


If you have more questions about marriage counseling Contact Laurie Grengs Counseling to speak with a marriage counselor.

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