How to Reignite the Spark

Life is all about how you see things. You can change your current view if it does not satisfy your life. If the spark is gone, put in the work to rekindle it. If you and your partner feel that spark slipping away, remember to not let your relationship end up in a rut. Focus […]

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How to Support a Loved One Living with PTSD

The holidays tend to trigger PTSD. They can bring forth memories and trauma wounds that may never be forgotten. PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) is a condition where your mental and emotional health can be triggered by terrifying past events that have happened in your life. When a loved one suffers from PTSD it may be […]

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Overcome the Winter Blues

Daylight saving time has recently ended. Unfortunately, at this time of year, we experience many more hours of darkness. With a decrease in sunlight and vitamin D intake, Seasonal Affective Disorder is prominent. But understanding ways to improve your serotonin levels is the first step toward beating the seasonal sadness. Continue reading our blog as […]

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Dealing with Work Burnout

Do you feel emotionally exhausted, dreading your workday, hopeless, with zero motivation or energy to keep going? You may be experiencing symptoms of work burnout. Burnout feels like you are constantly exhausted from being overwhelmed by your job. One solution to work burnout is finding a new job. If this is not an option for […]

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Tips for Overcoming Perfectionism

My house is a wreck… my hair is a mess… my outfit is not on point…and they all need to be perfect, or I cannot function. If you are experiencing feelings like these, you may be a perfectionist. With perfectionism comes other underlying symptoms, such as depression, anger, and anxiety. It might even affect relationships, […]

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