The Magic of Oneness: Moving Beyond Duality Toward Unconditional Love

We live in a world of duality – good and bad, dark and light, up and down. While dualism is very much a human construct created by the ego (the conscious mind) to help bring a sense of order to the world, it creates a separateness between the mind, body, and spirit. However, aligning our […]

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Tips for Family Summertime Fun

Summer is just around that corner and you know what that means:  School is almost out. Whether you are a stay-at-home parent or working full-time, planning entertaining and educational summer family activities is important for mental and physical wellbeing and to help build positive self-esteem in children, improve communication, and strengthen familial bonds. Read on […]

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Work and Life: Strive for a Harmonious Balance

For many people, finding an equilibrium between their career and responsibilities outside the office can be difficult. At Laurie Grengs Counseling, we feel it is important for individuals to strive for a harmonious balance between work and life commitments to attain optimal well-being. Keep reading to understand the benefits of a good work-life balance and […]

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Therapist Near By Me

TherapistFinding a therapist can be very difficult. When many people decide to reach out and look for a personal therapist, they often search for therapists near them, and then look at a person’s specialties and their profile. Some people feel vulnerable when they seek out a therapist and that is why it is often nice to find someone near you that has years of experience, open minded and has worked with people coming from all backgrounds and have had therapy for a variety of reasons.

Although some people may feel shy about reaching out to a therapist. Therapy can benefit almost all and is extremely common today. No matter what the reason is for seeking out a therapist, The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy is here for you.

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Anger Issue Counselor

Therapist Coon Rapids MNEveryone experiences anger. It is completely normal and at times even necessary. Anger is an adaptive emotional response to experience of hurt, injustice, fear and frustration. Oftentimes, anger inspires a powerful physical response in the body, such as a rush of adrenaline, increased blood pressure, increased heart-rate and fast breathing.

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