Children’s Therapy Andover

Happy and HolidaysWhen you decide to take that next step in life to have children you more often than not will picture yourself with your child enjoying the day and playing together blissfully. Of course you will have these moments, but the moments we tend to push aside and forget about until we are dealing with them and are not sure how to go about it, are those moments of tantrums and aggression that some kids face. As the parents we do our best to keep our kids in a happy and healthy environment but we are only human and sometimes things will get a little derailed in life. Your child could be going through a quick phase, terrible two’s for example, or your child could be developing into a child who struggles to step out of the disobedience. Learning how to deal with your loved one’s in these times of their lives can directly relate to their future and how they handle life stress and situations.

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Coon Rapids Therapist

Coon Rapids Therapy for healing from unhealthy familyIt may seem obvious to say that when you are going through a trauma of one kind or another, or have experienced a loss that remains painful and unresolved, it is important to work through it. Most of us understand that trauma and loss require our effort to work through the emotional, physical, mental, and/or psychological toll that trauma and loss take on us. But it is important to note that we do not always have accurate definitions to help us understand the meaning and limitations of phrases like “work through it.” Laurie Grengs, a psychologist and therapist serving those in the Coon Rapids, MN can help you work through and effectively manage the issues you are struggling with.

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Counseling Services MN

Counseling Services MNLaurie Grengs is a Coon Rapids-based therapist who provides counseling and psychological services for people in Minnesota. She has been helping clients with a wide array of personal, psychological, and mental health-related concerns for more than three decades. Laurie Grengs understands that the most effective and long-lasting therapeutic approach requires time and energy directed at getting to the root causes of your presenting issues.

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Quit Drinking Counselor, Blaine

Addiction Recovery Counseling Coon Rapids MNLaurie Grengs, a psychologist with an active practice in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, has served not only Coon Rapids, but other communities including Blaine, MN as well. She has served people as a counselor and therapist for more than thirty-five years. In that time, she has helped an untold number of people resolve persistent issues using a combination of formal training, empathy, and incisive observations. Laurie Grengs understands how the world works and what it can do to people. Sensitive people often absorb the pain of the world around them, taking to heart the mean-spiritedness of others and the pain that some others displace. For some people, the issues that affect them can place severe limits on their lives and last for decades. Sadly, many of us learn to cope with the pain that life throws at us by relying on such substances as alcohol and other drugs. If you have found yourself ingesting more alcohol than you know is healthy for you, or if people in your life have expressed concern about your alcohol use, consider partnering with Laurie Grengs to regain control.

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Experienced Counselor MN

Experienced Counselor MNLaurie Grengs is an experienced psychologist and counselor that has served Minnesota and the Coon Rapids and surrounding communities for more than three decades. The general public knows more about depression than it has ever been, thanks to a variety of social factors that have taken away the stigma of seeking help. Depression is an illness of the mind in the same way that the common cold is an illness that affects our physical being. Many still believe that depression is just sadness, feeling down, or that it is a matter of choosing to feel negative about the world. Furthermore, many of us still believe that, because it is “just” those things, depression can be easily overcome by deciding to feel better or by going shopping. Laurie Grengs knows that depression is much more complicated than most of us know.

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