Is it Possible You Are Great

January 11, 2014

I am here to assist you to bring up and raise your self esteem. Low self esteem is the most under diagnosed “plague” of our time. The key to all joy and success in our life is to know and feel that our self is great and good enough. None of us is better than anybody else yet we are all equal in are worthiness. Each of us have as a birth right to be joyful and manifest all our desires.

Our heart and souls are the center of our motives for our choices. As your psychologist, I will change your life if you allow the healing of the psychotherapy I will provide to you. Psychotherapy with me will allow you to connect with your heart and soul, so your empowerment in your life will be at its all time high. This is where your best choices are made, in you connected with your own heart and soul.

As a psychotherapist for thirty-four years, I am deeply aware how a person needs high self esteem to achieve any and all hopes and dreams in their life. High self esteem may be defined as a positive loving relationship each person has with themselves emotionally and spiritually. A person seeming “cocky “is not confidence in a positive way, yet a cover up for low self esteem/confidence masking as high self esteem.

Low self esteem can manifest in relationship problems, depression, anxiety, anger issues, eating disorders, and job/career struggles.

It is a proven fact that low self esteem robs any human being of most possible love and joy in their life.

A suggestion is to take the following 5 question test to see if self esteem may be a concern for you.

• Do you ask yourself daily if I am doing my job well enough?
• Do you wander if other people like you?
• Do you think thoughts daily, i.e. am I attractive to others?
• Do you ask yourself am I worth pursuing my dreams?
• Do you in your thoughts put yourself down, i.e. I don’t know what I am doing?

If you answer yes to three out of the five, you may have a self esteem that needs some healing. The research is conclusive that high self esteem is the cornerstone to living an effective joyous life.

I invite you to give yourself the gift of psychotherapy, which is where people who want more from life go to get expert assistance.

I, Laurie Grengs, Psychologist can and will help you achieve high self esteem that will be sustained.

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