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Anger Management Spiritual Counselor

Anger Management Spiritual CounselorSometimes, your anger makes you feel like you want to explode. For what can often seem like no reason at all, your blood boils and you feel like the only way you can feel a sense of relief is by letting loose on someone, even if that someone has nothing to do with the source of your anger. In those moments, it does not matter what the cause of your anger is, you just need to explode.

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Experienced Anger Evaluation Therapist MN

Experienced Anger Evaluation Therapist MNThere is no magic wand that will wipe away problematic anger. People who have difficulty controlling anger must learn that managing anger is a process. And Laurie Grengs, with decades of experience in anger-evaluation therapy, is uniquely qualified to help you with the process of managing your anger in a more positive and productive way. It can also be helpful to go through an…

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Anger Management Therapy Anoka County

Anger Management Therapy Anoka County | Minnesota PsychologistThough anger is a natural human emotion, it can become a big problem in your life if not managed well. You may have been told by friends, family members, or co-workers that your anger is out of control, and you might have denied the truth of their expressions of concern.

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