Family Counseling

Come Together as a Family

Any number of issues between family members as well as outside stressors or internal conflict can cause dissension and upset how a family functions. It is understandable to want a quick fix and easy resolution, but that is often not the case. 

Family problems are multi-faceted and may require a neutral party to address underlying issues, restore relationships, reduce parental stress, improve family dynamics, and encourage open communication. In Family Counseling, your loved ones can come together, talk, and be heard. 

A Loving, Harmonious Family Life

Supported by a therapist, parents or guardians can create a home filled with harmony and love, with ongoing resources for when life gets a little too hectic. Many who seek Family Counseling naturally progress into other types of therapy, so Laurie Grengs Counseling is able to help the individual members and the unit as a whole, connecting a network of healthy relationships that will stand the test of time. Each individual can overcome their challenges within the family structure, growing personally and knit together with people who love them unconditionally. 

Build Joyful Family Relationships

Some family problems are minor and can be addressed with alterations to behavior or viewpoints. Others are only realized by diving into past experiences, pent-up feelings, unspoken thoughts, and emotional barriers. Common causes of family struggles include: 

  • Financial hardships
  • Substance abuse (parent or child)
  • Behavioral concerns
  • Academic and work issues
  • Family adjustments (divorce, separation, blended families, living arrangements)
  • Mental health issues
  • Grief 
  • Illness

Though undesirable, these issues are common and, in most cases, can be resolved. Familial counseling can bring people back together and motivate them to resolve unpleasant issues in a loving and productive manner. When one family member is unhappy, it is usually felt by the whole household. Guided by a counselor, you can address issues head-on and find solutions together.

Parent Relationships

Poor relationships with parents are difficult for young and old alike. If you need help coming to terms with a parent-child relationship, addressing unresolved issues, building the connection you want, or communicating, trust Laurie Grengs Counseling for Family Counseling. No matter your family dynamic, challenges, or individual needs, Laurie will assist you in building joyful and nurturing relationships.

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Family in Therapy

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