Trauma Recovery

Beyond Trauma: Finding Joy in Recovery

The effects of trauma can be overwhelming. Following a traumatic event, people oftentimes experience intense feelings of fear and depression and are hesitant to embrace any kindness or support from others. This is the nature of such a severe and stressful incident. Laurie Grengs Counseling can examine what you may be experiencing and help you […]

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Use Light to Nourish Your Energy in Winter

In the Northern Hemisphere, we have ample opportunity to discover and create alternative light sources during the winter months, when daylight is more difficult to access. You may be wondering what this means. Let us explain. Please open your heart and your mind to endless possibilities and keep reading to uncover ways to find and […]

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Emotional Wellness

Ideas to Lighten Your Stress

Physical and emotional tension are all around us. Everyone experiences stress from time to time, and it can make us feel nervous, irritated, and sometimes defeated. Those feelings can take a spiritual toll on our well-being unless we learn to confront our anxieties. We will help you do that and offer ideas to lighten your […]

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LOVE: Find It Here Now!

Unconditional Love is the highest frequency for a human being to exist at in their body, mind and spirit. Are you looking for Love? Unconditional Love We need unconditional love as a human being from our first breath, as much as we need air. It is uncommon for human beings to experience the quality and […]

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Active Listening

Active Listening Creates Positive Communication

With so much happening at such a quick pace in today‚Äôs world, effective communication feels more essential than ever. The ability to listen is a crucial element toward understanding others, building relationships, and solving problems. Keep reading to explore ways in which active listening can create positive communication and help you develop more purposeful connections. […]

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