Marriage Relationship Counseling MN

Marriage Counselor MNMarriage: two lives committed to each other for a life time journey. If your marriage is struggling and/or you’re thinking of a separation or divorce and you’re in the Minneapolis, MN area, please contact The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy. We offer services to help aid your communication and allow a fresh, 3rd party perspective to mediate.

There is help and guidance for a marriage/love relationship that far exceeds anything either of you have dreamed. Our marriage/relationship therapists will guide you to the root of the struggle, through it and beyond, to a greater joy and love that is sustainable for an entire lifetime.

Experienced Marriage Relationship Therapists

Many people don’t come equipped from their childhoods to know how to be married in a fulfilling manner. You’re not alone. Our therapists have worked with thousands of couples and, if both of you want to heal and transform to a higher consciousness together, you have come to a great opportunity. We’ll walk the journey with you, guiding you every step.

There is no need to agonize. There is hope, transformation, and the ability to transcend beyond the emotional pain, arguing, silence, and suffering. Please call today for your appointment with an experienced Psychologist who will commit with you both to reach for a trustworthy, happier and more satisfying relationship you both can enjoy.

As each couple progresses in their life together, often there comes a time when the emotional and/or physical connection becomes strained. One partner may be more pre-occupied with work. Or a partner thinks more of him or herself at the expense of a partner feeling neglected. Also sex may have become infrequent, too little, or no contact, which may alarm one or both partners. A first suggestion is to remember and remind yourself of the commitment you have made to yourself, your partner, and your marriage. Commitment does imply rather directly that when times are tough – as a couple, it may be necessary to become creative and it’s always important to be understanding of one another.

Your marriage is very important to us. We’ll guide and assist you to a new level of love. Please call for a wonderful opportunity at successful marriage therapy. Our number is 763-572-2326, 877-572-2326 or email .

7 Steps to a Healthy Marriage/Long-Term Relationship

Here are seven steps to take when one or both of you are feeling alienated, scared, or confused about what is happening to your marriage.

  1. Act from love, i.e. respond to what is in your marriage now as an opportunity to know yourself and your partner in a deeper manner. Such as keep alcohol use to minimum now, spending time getting other peoples advice, i.e. family, may be supportive, yet pick wisely who you listen to.
  2. Keep your verbal communication to “I” statements, i.e. I feel, I think, I want.
  3. Remember the order of a successful marriage is God, Marriage, and then Business.
  4. Empower yourself as a partner in your marriage by listening totally to your “other half” with no agenda as you are listening.
  5. Take time to soothe yourself with a behavior that is uplifting so as you approach your marriage, when it is strained, you feel more refreshed.
  6. Share your daily agenda with the other and follow it. If your day changes send off a quick update to your partner and ask what thoughts they have about the change in the lay out of the day.
  7. Always put yourself “in the shoes” of the other person, the love of your life, at least this person was at one time, needs to know you get them and are willing to be learn, grow, and be teachable.

Marriage Testimonials:

“Since seeing Laurie for our marriage therapist, my husband and I have finally got on the path of positive communication. My husband and I had seen several marriage counselors before finding Laurie Grengs. Thank you to Laurie for saving our marriage.”

“Having struggled with depression most of my life and that having affected my marriage, I decided I needed to go to counseling with a psychologist who could address my depression and my marital issues. I did a google search for a depression therapist and a marriage therapist and found Laurie’s website. The name of her practice is what drew me to her. The name of her practice is The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy. I called and was able to get an appointment within one day. I have gotten so much help from Laurie and have recommended her to several friends. I am continuing to work with her and my depression for the first time in my life is healing like I never would have expected. I am thrilled I found Laurie for a psychologist.”