Life Coaching Services

Psychologist Coon RapidsAt The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy, we provide Anoka County, MN coaching services, including life coaching, and executive and business coaching services. Sometimes, when you can’t quite get started on the path you see in front of you, if you’re feeling stuck, personally or professionally, you may need help creating realistic and achievable life goals or professional goals. In fact, for many people, setting achievable goals can feel impossible, especially when considering one’s tendency to over- or undervalue individual abilities. If you’re someone who struggles with personal or professional goal setting, following through with goals, creating pathways to success, or visualizing a future that’s right for you, our life and professional coaching services may be exactly what you need to get moving. We provide Anoka, Coon Rapids, Blaine, Ham Lake and Andover, Minnesota coaching services, reaching people all over Minnesota who need help building successful and rewarding futures.

Life Coaching Services

Often times, when individuals are in need of life coaching services, they may not like the idea of a life coach. However, life coaches are meant only to be helpful resources to use when you’re feeling stuck, personally or professionally, and need a way to find a new path. If you’re looking to move forward with your life but don’t have a goal in mind or a sense of direction, we can help you take a deeper look at what you want from your life and how you can successfully achieve your desires. With life coaching services, we can help you set realistic life goals, including personal and professional goals, and join you in celebrating the rewards of meeting goals, setting new goals, and feeling positive movement toward a successful and rewarding future. We can help you find and navigate new career opportunities that are right for you, guide you in making difficult life decisions that are weighing heavy on your heart and mind, and help you open yourself to the possibility of future happiness and love.

Executive Coaching and Business Coaching Services

Executive coaching and business coaching services are intended for both individual and team coaching sessions, helping you move forward in your business, helping several members of your team move forward in their careers and business endeavors, and help you make positive changes in your business, as a whole. Our individual executive coaching services are the perfect way to brainstorm professional goals and meet those goals, helping you not only achieve professional success but personal contentment by helping you build a rewarding professional life for yourself. With team business coaching services, we are able to help businesses move forward, helping executives and employees find and create new windows of communication, overcome professional and personal challenges in the workplace, reach new levels of leadership, and navigate business challenges in and outside of the workplace. Contact The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy today at 763-572-2326 or toll-free at 877-572-2326, or email , and to begin your Anoka County, MN life coaching or executive and business coaching sessions in Anoka, Coon Rapids, Blaine, Ham Lake or Andover, Minnesota.

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