Executive Coaching Services Coon Rapids

Executive Coaching MNAs a Minneapolis, MN corporate CEO, owner or executive, there may be times where you wonder how to expand your market, increase your profits and/or direct employees to higher level of cooperation. If so, you can benefit from Executive Coaching, also known as Business Coaching. We can offer solutions that get your business moving forward. We’ll help you navigate through any hard times and encourage you and provide you with the skills needed to reach a new level of leadership.

Business Coaching Benefits

Whether you’re looking for individual sessions, team or speaking presentations The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy can lead you to outstanding results. Now is the time for your business to benefit from our highly trained, educated and experienced corporate coaches; we provide small, middle sized and major companies strategies to improve and achieve goals you only dreamt possible. We are well trained to provide the consultation and guidance that will lead you into the 21st century strong and prosperous.

Executive Coaching involves assessment of your corporate needs, a detailed plan of a guided outcome and results that can be measured in increased profits, employee cooperation and satisfaction and increased sales. We urge you to not wait for the obstacles in your business to slow your progress. Effective Executive Coaching is here, time tested, research based and yours to have.

Call today at 763-572-2326 or email to start the assessment process; corporate goals can be met quickly and increased success will be yours.

Executive Testimonial:

“As an executive in a fortune 500 Company, I hired Ms. Grengs because she had the training as an executive coach and as a psychologist. I needed assistance to turn around the group I was managing. My employees were not performing at their best and the negativity in the work environment was getting out of control. Within a month after hiring Laurie, I was implementing a plan that was changing my employee’s attitudes and subsequent performances. Laurie also gave me specific direction on what to do to change the negativity and what I could do to be an empowered positive force to lead this change to a successful creative environment.”

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