About Laurie Grengs: Counselor, Therapist, Psychologist

Laurie GrengsLaurie Grengs is a licensed and highly experienced therapist located in Coon Rapids, MN, with over 33 years of experience and multiple credentials. She has been and is still committed to assisting her patients in finding the joy in themselves and in their life with the combination of positive methods she has perfected over the years, such as psychotherapy, life and corporate coaching, trauma and marriage counseling; she has the experience that will fit your therapeutic needs.

A Marriage and Couples Counselor has an important task of bringing a new and neutral, 3rd party perspective and direction to the primary love relationship. In Trauma and Depression related sessions, it’s imperative to have a counselor with the expertise that will assist you to heal and follow your bliss for the entirety of your life.

If you’re searching to quickly achieve a concrete but specific short-term goal, you may want to explore our Life Coaching services; we can assist you in manifesting your dreams.

Advantages of Working with Laurie Grengs in Therapy:

  • She believes in the power of love to heal adversity and painful experiences.
  • She believes that people, with expert assistance, can find their way out of pain to finding delight in their life and sustain that joy over a lifetime.
  • You see the advantages of her multiple Licenses, Master’s Degree and Bachelor’s Degree

Her Commitment to You:

She’s available Monday-Friday 9 am to 8 pm, Saturday 10 am to 4 pm, and Sunday 1 pm to 5 pm. Her office is in Coon Rapids, MN.

Laurie Grengs has 33 years’ experience of providing Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling. Her 33 years also includes being a Depression, Trauma, Anger Management and Substance Abuse Psychologist.

She has extensive experience with organizations and businesses in providing professional consultation, i.e. developing internal referral services, providing direction to increase employee productivity and increase profits.

Her Life Coaching services are offered to Individuals to assist in transformations personally and professionally, respectively. The Coaching or Psychotherapy experienced at The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy is focused on the specific goals of the patient and help assess what goals fit best for personal and/or work relationships.

Coaching or Psychotherapy focuses on providing unconditional uplifting encouragement. Through the influx of positive guidance our client’s personal, marital, or organizational experience can be further awakened, which will lead to empowerment and joy.

What to Expect From the Therapeutic Sessions:

When choosing Laurie Grengs as your Psychologist or Coach/Consultant, she will guide you and/ or a system of people to arrive at your goal(s). By providing a positive therapeutic relationship that will explore and teach alternative behaviors, in order to reach peace and happiness. The process will be collaboratively assess for what best suits the needs of each client. She makes it a point to specifically respond to particular concerns presented by each person, couple and/or organizational system. Laurie Grengs is willing, committed and available as your healer/coach to help empower you in your life choices.

Her specialty is to address needs that are emotional, spiritual or internally/externally
conflicted. She then assists to determine how to effectively and lovingly approach each and every concern, need and want. She strongly believes that ongoing collaborative assessments help to assure that how and what is wanted is priority.

Over the years she has found that her work with people continues to bring clients
more satisfying experiences of life. By assisting patients in changing their thinking, they can benefit from healing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.