Discovering Freedom from Alcohol

April 29, 2021

Alcoholism is a disease that affects about 17 percent of men and 8 percent of women during their lifetimes. As a coping mechanism, alcoholics have an emotional and physical dependence on alcohol. This can be a psychologically painful experience for the alcoholic and anyone who witnesses the effects. However, this struggle also presents an opportunity: to understand the pain caused by excessive drinking and use that as a driving force to reach out for help. In discovering freedom from alcohol, those immersed in the battle acquire the tools to heal the internal anguish that creates the need to anesthetize.

In navigating through struggles with alcohol, one must traverse many steps and personal obstacles. Some of these may feel challenging and overwhelming. Some may seem impossible. They are all designed to open doors for your new path to unfold. You may grapple at times. As part of this process, it is common. With sincere and honest guidance, you can begin to master the journey – at a pace that resonates with you – one step at a time. At Laurie Grengs Counseling you will be guided respectfully with informative and uplifting specific strategies to your freedom.

Getting Started

The first step is likely the most difficult because it involves admitting the struggle and asking for help. Once you take this step, however, you are well on your way toward taking back empowerment of your body and your life.

Now you will move on to step two. At the start of this journey, you may feel judged for your determination. Rather than let scrutiny intimidate or discourage your progress, have faith. Know that the changes a person makes may evoke concern from others, which may manifest as judgement. Look inward as a reminder of your desired freedom and to feel and hear your conscience saying that you deserve better. Reach out to friends with compassionate hearts or to a counselor who understands the journey and can keep you focused on self.

Upon beginning to understand the exploration of alcoholism, often what unfolds are feelings of self-hate, self-reproach, guilt, and shame. These emotions are difficult to face and can lead to an inner struggle in which the alcoholic may not feel deserving of help. Many wrestle with the belief that freedom can be manifested from the stronghold that alcohol has on one’s psychological health.

Please know that you are deserving of assistance and freedom from the internal pain, for self-hate is at no time an accurate belief or feeling. Laurie Grengs Counseling has assisted and guided many individuals toward freedom from this hold that drains all hope.

Continuing the Journey

A third step is to ask for help that resonates with your higher self. Seek the guidance that will lead to more peace and joy.

Step four is to gently embrace the guidance and to apply it steadily.

Continuing on, step five keeps you on the path of receiving the guidance through counseling.

Step six involves leaning into the process of growing and learning about oneself. This includes taking a deep look internally with gentleness to find and understand from whence the internal pain originates.

Once you reach step seven, you learn to allow counseling to offer you a set of tools. These tools will assist in your efforts to dissect, process, and ultimately heal the pain that has led you away from self-love.

Through step eight, you gain the confidence to grab onto these tools and your opportunity. You begin to realize this is something you can move beyond. Alcoholism is a doorway into freedom from internal anguish and pain that may be very unidentifiable at times.

In the final step, step nine, you allow yourself to give in to what you know is best for your personal freedom. With the tools to recognize the origin of your pain and the ability to deal with that pain in a transformative manner, you can surrender this long-fought battle. You learn to accept that you deserve the very best in life.

Discovering Freedom

The struggle with alcoholism is a very real and often difficult quest. Take an expert guide with you. You are worthy of finding help and discovering freedom from alcohol. The first step is to recognize that you want assistance from a trained and compassionate expert. Laurie Grengs Counseling is here to help. Through individual counseling, Laurie partners with you as a dedicated guide to help you find that peace and freedom to which you are entitled. Contact us today.

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