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November 30, 2020

Unconditional Love is the highest frequency for a human being to exist at in their body, mind and spirit.

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Unconditional Love

We need unconditional love as a human being from our first breath, as much as we need air. It is uncommon for human beings to experience the quality and quantity of unconditional love they need, in order to create from their inner pure essence and manifest their deepest desires.

When born into the human race, human beings are unconsciously inundated with beliefs, thoughts, and feelings of shame, fear, and self-hate. It comes to us without invitation. No person intentionally wants or wishes to give this message. It is a message sent through ages and ages of time. There are many positive blessings being born into the human race. The three messages that do not work to create from are shame, fear, and self-hate.

As humans proceed in their life stream, they can often experience times of loss and trauma. Subsequently the four roadblocks to unconditional love are shame, fear, self-hate, and unresolved trauma.


What follows is the path of hope and freedom. This is a guide of hope and freedom, from these four obstacles that are internal for people. In order to manifest a loving and peaceful internal relationship with ourselves and loving and peaceful relationship with others, these four obstacles need to be healed and released.

Laurie Grengs Counseling opens the doors with care and uplifting guidance to walk in conjunction with your path to determine the depth and breadth of obstacles internally.

Shame is a belief and feeling that “I, as a person, am inherently inadequate, bad, or not good enough. Fear is the feeling and belief that danger exists in and all around us. Self-hate are thoughts and feelings a person has inside themselves about themselves, i.e. feeling disgust and disregard for their own being.”

Unresolved trauma can come in many forms such as unexpected loss of a love relationship, abuse from childhood or adulthood, and/or unexpected experiences that bring pain.

Hope is here. For it is eternal. The process of counseling can step by step assist a person to gently unveil each of these three incorrect belief systems. In unveiling these three belief systems, it is vital for all to know that these are lies and there is never any truth to shame, fear, and self-hate. A moderate to small amount of guilt is positive, i.e. “I am responsible for my behavior when I make an error. I can make amends, learn, grow, and move on.”

That is life giving. That is one antidote to shame. There are many antidotes to shame. You can and will be taught, if you wish.

Empowerment, awareness, and grounding are antidotes to fear. Humility, gratitude, and kindness are antidotes to self-hate.

Many times, the roots of these lies of shame fear, and self-hate go very deep. This creates thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in people that often bring unwanted experiences of themselves and with others, that leaves many people confused, lost, and discouraged.

Hope is the belief we offer. Beyond hope is Light. Light is at the core of human beings. Light is your pure essence, and when allowed, will envelop a human being internally completely. It will bring growing consciousness of the choice to create what you so want to manifest internally and externally.


Healing and releasing shame, fear, self-hate, and unresolved trauma is a process. The process can be filled with delight, support, and wise guidance. The wise guidance is inside each human being and from the expert counsel chosen to assist a person to their freedom.

In getting free of shame, fear, self-hate, and unresolved trauma a person’s heart can open more fully, their mind can be emptied of lies, and their spirit can soar with the eagles.

As human beings, we are born to absorb the thousands of blessings that come into us. In order to absorb blessings such as peace, joy, abundance, bliss, gratitude, patience, tolerance, and deep love, these three obstacles need to go and any unresolved trauma. When considering that there are thousands of uplifting blessings and the potential to manifest your world into what you want, the walk to freedom is not a heavy load. It is filled with Light. It is filled with a sense of walking on water and drawing the blessings that water brings us all. Water lubricates our bodies, which then fills our hearts, minds, and spirits with a saturation of ease and peace.

Doors are opening. The Earth beneath each person is holding them deeply. The blue skies are eternally each yours. Unconditional Love is yours to have and yours to give. Perfection is not a part of this. In being human, perfection is not attainable nor needed. Though reaching a level of sustained peace and joy is attainable, when uplifted and guided from inside of you and from outside of you. Then your dreams can come true.

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