Control or Empowerment

September 25, 2020

September is National Self-Improvement Month. What follows is an alternate manner in thinking and behaving – control or empowerment – to influence our lives and manifest our deepest desires and dreams.

We are blessed to be a human being. For many people, it does not feel that way.


Being born as a human being, we are inundated unconsciously with messages of how we ought to control ourselves and our world around us.

The predominant message, we are given unknowingly, is get control of ourselves and everything around us. When reflecting on when it has been effective to take control and exert control, commonly the result of attempting to take control is conflict and the potential for aggressive behavior.


Empowerment is when we resonate and manifest from our purest essence, our inner Light. Our inner Light quickly gets covered and masked with wounds from varying negative experiences in our lives. This stops us from accessing and connecting with our internal essence. This keeps each of us from a wonderful resource for guiding our choices in everyday life. This sets up a pathway of a disconnect with feeling and knowing our Light, our inner pure essence. Light from our inner world, is available to guide our manifestation of our dreams, i.e. dealing with differences with others and evolving ourselves to our highest peaceful potential.

Steps to embrace empowerment:

Experiencing trauma, losing a love in our lives, i.e. spouse, child, or dear friend, and/or change in employment, may lead a person to having painful thoughts and feelings that are unexpressed. The outer world often expects and teaches each of us to “look” happy and content, when that is not what we are experiencing internally.

Experiencing emotional pain that is not allowed to take the path of expression with love and support leads to “blocks” internally. We very often are not aware we have internal blocks. For who talks about this?

We are and this is your path to freedom in a positive effective manner to influence your outer world.

Accessing, Uncovering, Releasing your internal blocks with guidance at Laurie Grengs Counseling, opens the pathway to growing ourselves to realize our empowerment.

Looking externally to control others, situations, and anything outside of us often turns to frustration and disappointment. We can influence our outer world by going into our inner world and removing blocks, thus we can connect with our own inner Light. Our Light is a deep positive power source that is motivated with intentions of the best for all.

When we reflect internally with professional guidance, we can find our Light which captures the positive power of all Light. All of Light’s positive power we can come to align with deeply. In this alignment, we can change ourselves and evolve to higher psychological, emotional, and physical frequencies. At these higher frequencies is when our Light shines from inside to our outer world, uplifting others to reach inside to connect with their Light.

This is the path to empowerment. The connection with our internal essence free of blocks guides our choices to uplift and influence others from the inside out, which brings peace and love to all.

Contact us, we look forward to uplifting your inner world, so you may effectively manifest your dreams in the outer world, through a path of empowerment.

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