You Are Worth it | Self-Esteem Growth

Coon Rapids Self Esteem HelpJust as we feel the effects of a cold wind whipping through our clothes in winter or the heat of the sun burning our skin in summer, more subtle but no less real forces of nature work on our emotional and psychological selves. And like those more obvious forces of nature, wind and sun, our ability to tolerate increasing intensity allows stronger forces to be normalized. But we all have limits to our ability to tolerate increasing intensity, and when intensity feels normal but is actually having deleterious effects on us, we experience cognitive dissonance.

Finding Support That Works For You

An easier way to understand it may be by means of visualizing yourself as a tree. When you first feel the cold wind of winter or the hot sun of summer, the effect is on your outer layers. And for a period of time, you may even feel energized and enlivened. But if the effects of those phenomena go deeper, into your roots, the states of being energized and enlivened can be replaced by feelings of greater, perhaps more permanent-feeling, difficulty. What had been the swaying of your branches and the rustling of your leaves might have become a matter of disease in your roots. If you have the capacity to withstand the weather in your branches, you learn effective coping skills. But if the frequency and strength of those forces surpasses your tolerance for them, you may very well find that the problems are too deep to live optimally and address issues effectively.

Laurie Grengs Can Help You Live Optimally and Find Joy

A trained and experienced therapist like Laurie Grengs can help you with the mental, psychological, and emotional forces of nature, whether they exist in your branches and leaves, or are more deeply seated in your roots. Laurie Grengs has been helping individuals make sense of the forces that affect them for more than thirty years. Laurie understands and works from the point of reference that you are worth it. You deserve to resolve issues that prevent you from living optimally. Whatever forces have caused you to doubt your right to self-esteem—and have translated into behaviors and beliefs that now seem normal—Laurie Grengs has the wisdom and perspective to help you address problems and issues that are even as deep as the roots of your life.

Self-esteem, namely the absence of it, is at the root of most people’s inability to function optimally. But a fundamental truth of the therapeutic approach of Laurie Grengs is to acknowledge that no one is born without the capacity for or the right to achieve self-esteem. She understands that you are worth it. If you would like to learn more or make an appointment with Laurie, call 1-(877) 572-2326 or email .