What Should You Bring to Therapy?

Therapy Sessions Coon RapidsNumerous studies have shown that Therapy Can Help People. It is important to note however that therapy helps some people more than it helps others. Patients who have a connection with their therapist tend to find therapy to be more effective than those who do not. Individuals who take an Active Role in Therapy are more likely to find the therapy to be effective. Even the most Experienced Therapist cannot do all of the work for you. Individuals seeking therapy in Coon Rapids, MN are welcome to contact The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy where we have Minnesota Licensed Psychologists on staff.

Tools for Taking an Active Role in Your Therapy

Greater success is usually found when you take an Active Roll in Your Therapy. An Experienced Therapist can teach you the tools that you can utilize during therapy sessions and continue to use after your therapy has ended. Have an open mind and bring these tools to therapy:

  1. Forge a real connection with your therapist.
  2. Speak with your therapist for guidance on what you can do to take a more active role in your recovery.
  3. Look at yourself honestly and without judgment.
  4. Look for change within yourself not coming from others in your life.
  5. Take control of your feelings without allowing them to control you.
  6. Be real with yourself and stop pretending to be something other than your true self.
  7. Pay attention to your self-talk and change the narrative to match the person that you want to be.
  8. Take responsibility for your own side of the street without taking responsibility for those things that are beyond your control.
  9. Continue to work on your therapy when you are outside of your therapy sessions.
  10. View challenges in life as a steppingstone for growth rather than a stumbling block that holds you back.

Minnesota Licensed Psychologist

Coon Rapids, MN is home to The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy. We have Minnesota Licensed Psychologists with many years of experience. Therapy with an Experienced Therapist can be much more effective when patients take a more active role in their own therapy. You can expect to learn tools for success that can be used during therapy and beyond treatment.

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