Understanding Common Traumatic Experiences

Traumatic Event Therapist Coon Rapids, MNThe importance of understanding common traumatic experiences cannot be overstated. Many of us are taught to deny the impact of traumatic experiences on our lives. Doing so can actually cause the trauma to take root and to be re-experienced sometimes for your entire life. Laurie Grengs, a licensed therapist with more than three decades of experience, specializes in trauma recovery counseling and understands that gaining insight into traumatic experiences can free us up to live more fulfilling lives.

Trauma Experience Therapy

Trauma has many causes and can manifest in many different ways. The traumas that we experience are as diverse as the individuals who experience them. Neglect and/or childhood physical or sexual abuse, abuse in an adult relationship, the sudden death of a loved one, natural disasters, and the experience of war are some common traumatic experiences. Each of these experiences is extremely personal and unique. Laurie’s extensive experience can help a client understand the impact of traumatic experiences on their lives and find strategies for moving forward. Whatever it is that defines your experience with trauma, you deserve to gain greater understanding of it. And Laurie Grengs is the kind of therapist who can help you obtain that understanding.

You must first understand, if you do not already, that you truly deserve to be free of your trauma and to heal. It is possible to reach a point in your life when your traumatic experiences can teach you lessons without causing pain. Trauma cannot be undone. But it can be understood. It may take years. It may take decades. But, it does not have to define you. Psychotherapy can help you find joy that you never thought you could experience. Partnering with Laurie can help you move beyond the source of your trauma and allow you to rejoin life with a sense of wholeness and hope.

Experienced Therapist Who Specializes In Trauma Therapy

This work may be hard at times and it may take some time, but it is extremely important work. And, you do not have to do this work alone. When you are ready to take the necessary steps toward healing from your traumatic event, contact Laurie Grengs. The first steps toward freeing yourself of the pain of trauma can be taken by reaching out. You can do so by calling her at 763-572-2326 or 877-572-2326, or by emailing her directly to schedule an appointment.