Understanding and Dealing with Depression

Understanding and Dealing with DepressionUnderstanding depression is often not easy. In fact, if your understanding of depression comes from other people’s descriptions of it, from the media, or from movies and TV, you may not see the full spectrum of symptoms and difficulty it can cause. The fact is, depression may look and feel different than you have been taught. Depression can include a myriad of symptoms including loss of interest in activities, mood swings, anxiety, apathy, changes in sleep, lack of concentration, weight gain or weight loss. If you are able to identify that you are suffering from depression, dealing can become a little easier. If you live in or near Blaine, Andover, or Ham Lake, Minnesota, Laurie Grengs is a wonderful choice to help you begin the process of overcoming the depression you have been experiencing.

Finding Relief from Depression

Deciding to seek the help of a qualified counselor when you believe you may be suffering from depression can feel like you are taking too big of a step. However, working with Laurie Grengs, a licensed psychologist and exceptionally good therapist, will quickly make you feel like this step is much smaller and manageable. Laurie has been practicing counseling in Coon Rapids for more than thirty-five years and her goal is to meet each of her clients exactly where they are and help them move forward in a healthy way.

Laurie can help you manage your depression no matter what the cause. If your depression is the result of childhood trauma, relationship issues, anger management problems, substance abuse, loss of a job or financial stress—she can help. Your circumstances are, of course, unique. And it is that exact uniqueness that Laurie celebrates and honors. While the circumstances of your life are unique, there are patterns to how depression manifests that allow a trained therapist like Laurie to gain insight into the origins of your depression and the ways out of it.

Minnesota Depression Counselor

If you have been avoiding seeking help for some time, the act of finally making a move to confront your depression may cause a different kind of fear or anxiety. But it is important to take the step of understanding, and then dealing with, your depression. Depression rarely, if ever, goes away on its own. It has to be dealt with, and the best way to deal with it is by working with a qualified therapist like Laurie Grengs. She will join you and guide you on your journey toward a life free of depression. She will employ a combination of empathy and professional acumen to help you understand and deal with the depression that is affecting your life.

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