Unconditional Love At Its Best

Unconditional love is essential to the manifestation of a person’s spiritual destiny. Unconditional love is love given free of judgment of any kind. It is the love that creates greatness and heals all pain on any level. It is the goal of life on this Earth. I espouse this in my style and belief in the psychotherapy I provide my clients.

An example of this love is the Manning family. Peyton Manning, a great quarterback, grew up in a family where the goal of his parents was to love him and his two brothers. As seen in the television special on the Manning family, Archie Manning described that he wanted his three sons to feel love and his goal was not to “produce” great football players. Yet clearly when the intention and motive is unconditional love from parent to child on a consistent basis, not needing to be perfect for any parent, a child does blossom into their inherent potential.