Types of Psychological Testing

TherapistLaurie Grengs, a licensed psychologist who has provided a full range of therapeutic counseling services to people in the communities of Blaine, Spring Lake Park, Coon Rapids, Anoka, also performs the vital service of providing psychological testing to clients. Psychological testing is an important component of assessing one’s mental health and challenges. The tests used by Laurie Grengs have been fully tested, vetted, validated, and gauged for their reliability. When administered by a professional, they can provide insights about the nature of the issues affecting your life and direction for how to help you resolve them.

Types of Psychological Testing

Laurie Grengs offers psychological testing in the following areas:

Mental Health and Personality Disorders: If you or a loved-one is struggling with an issue that may have a mental health origin, Laurie Grengs can help you establish a baseline understanding with evaluative tools to begin the process of addressing the underlying issue most effectively.

ADHD Screenings: Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder is among the most over-medicated of healthcare issues today. Having a therapist who can accurately assess the nature of the issue is an important step in proper treatment of the disorder.

Learning Disorders: Many of us have impediments to learning. Understanding the nature of what is impeding us—especially school children—is a necessary step in addressing the problem. Doing so is often simple, but when undiagnosed, a learning disability can transform into patterns of behavior that are difficult to change. Proper testing can alleviate symptoms in the short-term and set you or your loved-one on the path to greater ease of learning.

Developmental Delays: If you or a child for whom you are responsible seems to be developing more slowly than their peers, assessing the nature and underlying causes of those delays will answer some important questions, the answers that can help begin to address the developmental delays.

Autism Evaluations: If you are concerned that your child measures somewhere on the autism spectrum, there are some simple psychological evaluations that will help you gain greater understanding of the issues. Proper initial evaluation is extremely important to fuller understanding of the problem.

Interpersonal Issues: Interpersonal problems can result from a multitude of complex reasons. If you are finding it difficult to relate to others, for whatever reason, some basic but informative assessments can combine positively with the kind of therapy offered by Laurie Grengs to give you greater insight into the underlying issues.

Behavior Assessment: As with assessments that gauge interpersonal concerns, behavior assessment can give insight that allows you to modify behaviors in ways that are congruent with your ethics and self-awareness.

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