Turn Stress into Something Good

Positive Stress MNStress is bad, right? Stress causes high blood pressure and diabetes and heart attacks. It is true that stress can cause serious health problems. But not all stress is created equally. The kind of stress that has come to be synonymous with serious, even life-threatening, health problems is distress. But there’s another version of stress, eustress, that our culture tends to filter out.

Eustress is the kind of stress we feel when we stretch our muscles in yoga positions or participate in activities that get our hearts pumping. Such activities cause the brain to release endorphins and reward us for experiencing stress in ways that do good things for our lives.

Change the Nature Of Your Experience With Stress

Dr. Laurie Grengs is a highly trained, experienced, and trusted professional who can assist people in their quest to change the nature of their experience with stress. Dr. Grengs, who provides supportive counseling in Coon Rapids, MN, provides expert help for those who seek her good counsel. She will help individuals identify the causes of their stress, lend proper perspective to those causes, and ultimately transform much of the stress in their lives from distress to eustress.

Doing so is hard work for those who engage in it. But it is worth the effort, especially when the pressures of modern life are greater than we have ever known them to be. Re-framing the stress in your life can create greater clarity of mind, which in itself is an effective strategy in responding to the pressures of everyday living. Further, transforming distress into greater levels of eustress is known to sharpen memory, increase professional productivity, and open up pathways in the brain that stimulate new ways of thinking. Distress can cause us to avoid life’s challenges; eustress helps us see life’s challenges as problems to be solved or questions to be pondered.

Laurie Grengs: Supportive Counseling and Positive Stress

And a trained, experienced, and caring professional such as Dr. Laurie Grengs is uniquely qualified to help you experience the benefits of the stress in your life. The supportive counseling that Dr. Grengs offers in Coon Rapids, MN, can help you transform the distress in your life to eustress, which in turn provides greater reassurance of living fully and with a lower probability of depression and other distress-related health issues, such as heart problems, diabetes, and insomnia, which can cause other issues, like road rage, workplace irritability, inattention to detail.

Let Dr. Laurie Grengs help you transform your negative stress into more positive stress. Call her today at 1-877-572-2326 to make an appointment.