Traumatic Event Therapy

Counselor Coon RapidsThe damage done to our psyches after a traumatic event can be extensive. It doesn’t matter what type of traumatic event you’ve experienced or how long it’s been since the event; trauma sticks with us, usually until we confront it and find a successful and healthy way to move forward. At The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy, we focus on trauma recovery counseling for everyone, no matter what the cause of your trauma may be and no matter how you may be affected by a traumatic event. It can be a challenge to share traumatic events with anyone, but with our Coon Rapids, Blaine and Anoka, Minnesota traumatic events counselors, you can feel comfortable knowing that everything you share will not only be legally confidential, you’ll be speaking with someone who has a very good chance of helping you move beyond your trauma. Whether you’re experiencing fear, depression, anger, or some other uncomfortable feeling because of a traumatic event, we want to help you move forward from your suffering so that you can lead a happy, healthy life once more.

Common Traumatic Events with Therapeutic Solutions

Traumatic events can cause significant emotional, physical, and psychological turmoil that stays with us for years, especially if it is left unaddressed. For many people suffering from trauma, it may help to understand the common causes of mental, emotional, and physical trauma. By understanding the common traumatic events, it may help you see that you are not alone; that you are not the only one suffering, and that you have the capability to move past a traumatic event. Common traumatic events can include:

-Car accidents
-Death of a loved one
-Violent crimes
-Domestic violence
-Sexual abuse
-Child abuse or neglect
-Violent acts of war
-Natural disasters
-Sudden changes that “uproot” your sense of self or belonging

Each of these traumatic events can leave people feeling scarred in different ways, and at our traumatic events counseling center, we want to help you understand your own turmoil so that you can leave it in the past a pursue a brighter future free from your pain.

Combating the Effects of Traumatic Events

One of the most common effects of traumatic events is PTSD, or posttraumatic stress disorder. This disorder can be characterized by a number of symptoms, including depression, anxiety, flashbacks, and more negative emotional, psychological, and physical effects. Treating PTSD is closely associated to traumatic event therapy, and whether you suffer from PTSD or not, we’ll help you to combat any effects of a traumatic event so that you can live without the negative ramifications of the event. To begin your journey to a freer, happier existence, contact our Coon Rapids, Blaine and Anoka, Minnesota traumatic events counselor at 763-572-2326, toll-free at 877-572-2326, or by email at .