Traumatic Event Counseling

Coon Rapids Traumatic Event TherapistTraumatic events, by definition, have a significant impact on our lives. For many of us, traumatic events can even define our lives for an extended period of time. With the help of a qualified therapist, however, we can free ourselves from the emotional or psychological prison in which we have been locked up. Laurie Grengs, founder of the Coon Rapids-based International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy, is a professional therapist who specializes in traumatic event counseling and can help you find peace in your life after the impact of a traumatic event.

Therapy After a Traumatic Event

Trauma can manifest in many ways. It can be the result of a chronic situation, such as the subtle but on-going mistreatment or neglect by someone you have grown up with. It can be the result of an acute situation, such as a car accident, a natural disaster, the loss of a job, or the death of a loved-one. And it can be the result of a combination of chronic and acute, past and present circumstances. In other words, trauma is difficult to define precisely because it can happen to all of us and can be caused by a wide variety of circumstances.

If you live in Blaine, Coon Rapids, Anoka, Andover, or other nearby locations, Laurie Grengs can help you understand and undo the damage of the traumatic events that have shaped your life. It is possible, after all, to learn valuable lessons from the traumatic events that you have experienced, but no longer live in fear of their constant presence in your life. Creating a balance between understanding the traumatic events and learning the lessons they have to offer, however, can be difficult. Figuring out how to find that balance requires the help of someone like Laurie Grengs. She has dedicated her life to understanding the psychological dynamics that can limit the experience of joy. Those dynamics can be changed when someone who is qualified in a helping science lends context and offers practical strategies to confront what is holding you back.

Find Peace and a Positive Way Forward

If the trauma you have experienced dates back to childhood, and involves years and/or decades of patterns that reinforce painful feelings, Laurie can help you. If the trauma you have experienced occurred more recently, and is having a profound impact on your ability to live the life you wish to live, Laurie can help you as well. You can contact her for an appointment by calling 763-572-2326 or 877-572-2326, or by emailing .