Trauma’s Symptoms of Addiction

Ever wonder how it is that so many people struggle with addictions of alcohol, drugs, food, gambling, and hoarding. As a psychologist, I have worked with thousands of clients who present in psychotherapy with one or more of these symptoms and struggles. Please know help is here.

These struggles are symptoms of thinking that are based on confusion and internal conflict. These are also signs of a deep repression of feelings. As a colleague of mine once said it is the “F” word humans are most uncomfortable with, “F” representing feelings. Where in our culture are we taught to feel our feelings? Psychotherapy is a cultural and spiritual solution to the healing of addictions and the repression of feelings.

Also addictions are rooted in anxiety which is about fear. Fear unexpressed manifests as anxiety. What this all says is that very often people who have been traumatized have no other option or way to cope other than to “numb” or “deny” their feelings, for the pain of the trauma is huge.

I suggest to ask your self these following questions to assess for addiction issues. If you answer yes to three or more, please contact me as soon as possible for further assessment.

1). Do you say to your self I will stop doing “this” tomorrow? This will be the last time I do “this”?

2). Do you blame your behavior on other people and the people you blame are struggling deeply with what is ‘wrong” with them”?

3). Do you buy things, i.e. clothes and/or food and hide it from your family?

4). Do you experience friends or family reaching out to you and you push them away?

5). Do you cover up your behavior with explanations of “I am tired” or “I did the best I could”?

6). Do you think often what is in this for me?

7). Do people close to you struggle with you not showing up for your responsibilities?