Trauma Recovery Counseling

flowersTraumatic experiences can come in theoretically any form. Any event or experience that traumatizes or leaves a lasting negative impression on an individual can be considered traumatic, and every experience that a person has trauma from should be treated as a traumatic event. Trauma comes at people in many different ways, and each person can experiencing this will feel threatened by someone or something happening to or around them from. While almost everyone experiences a traumatic event at one point or another, these experiences affect everyone differently. This makes trauma therapy a crucial element of trauma recovery.

Trauma Recovery Counseling

Trauma recovery counseling can help anyone who has gone through an experience so they can help share their fears, feelings and the lasting impact of their experience in a comfortable and safe environment. As a result of everyone’s experience being different, and everyone reacting different to such events, we treat each person as an individual and do not try and relate other experiences to their own. Instead, we confront individual patients’ emotional and psychological needs, exploring and learning about that traumatic experience in order to helping everyone recover from their own traumatic experiences in their own time through individualized trauma recovery.

At The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy, it’s our mission to establish a foundation for individual growth, helping you recover from your trauma and helping you lead a happier, healthier life, free of emotional, physical, and psychological turmoil.

Although everyone experiences traumatic experiences differently, common experiences cause trauma for many people. Understanding some common traumatic events will help you understand that you are not alone or the first person to experience this or the last. Many people experience trauma through child abuse or neglect, sexual abuse, car accidents, death of a loved one, violent crimes, war, natural disasters just to name a few. It is important to understand that no matter your situation, if you are feeling trauma, you should not judge yourself.

Recovering from a traumatic experience, can take time and may even feel impossible, but in fact working through these events with a counselor can only help improve your quality of life and help you on your journey to a joy-filled life. It is up to you to seek help, but once you have made this decision, you can begin the process of recovery. If you are seeking Trauma recovery counseling in Anoka, Blaine or Coon Rapids, Laurie Grengs is here for you.
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