Trauma Counseling MN

Trauma Counseling MNEvery person experiences trauma differently.  There are common descriptions of our experience with trauma, of course, but there can be no duplicating the experience.  The individuality of the person who experiences trauma determines that the trauma itself is unique to that person.  Making sense of the unique experience of trauma, therefore, requires special skills and deep knowledge.  Laurie Grengs of Coon Rapids, MN, is especially well qualified and has demonstrated her depth of knowledge of how to provide treatment for people who have experienced trauma for more than thirty-five years.

Trauma Counseling MN

We experience trauma when it is the culmination of a series of minor but reinforcing acts by an influential person in our lives or by more direct and acute targeted behavior by someone with more power than we have.  Trauma can be experienced in many forms including child sexual abuse, neglect, physical abuse as a child or adult, or emotional abuse.

Trauma is defined primarily by our perception of it.  If we validate that we have experienced trauma, we can move on to addressing the psychological issues it has created for us.  But reaching a point of accepting it can be difficult, which is why it is vitally important to find a competent, caring, and insightful therapist.  In Coon Rapids, MN, that person is Laurie Grengs.  Laurie operates out of the International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy, an organization devoted to helping you heal and get yourself on the path to fulfillment.  At the very least, the work you do to understand your trauma should liberate you from its most painful remnants, and Laurie Grengs can help you do just that.

Trauma Counselor Coon Rapids

A good counselor, such as Laurie Grengs, can help you make connections between the sources of trauma, even though no therapist can have direct experience with everyone else’s specific trauma.  Helping someone despite not having had that exact experience is using empathy. Laurie Grengs has turned her own experiences into wisdom, which she shares freely with the people who seek her unique skills.

Move Forward Toward A Brighter Future

Laurie Grengs ensures that the focus is on you.  She honors your need to be liberated and your right to heal from the traumas that continue to affect your life.  If you feel that gnawing feeling of unresolved issues,  contact Laurie Grengs.  You contact her directly by phone at 763.572.2326 or 877.572.2326 or by email at to schedule an initial consultation.  Laurie can help you take control of your feelings so that you have the best possible chance of redirecting those feelings and moving forward with your future once and for all.