Trauma Counseling for Couples

Trauma Counseling for CouplesLife can be difficult. Trauma is something most people have experienced in one form or another. Despite this fact, it seems to be part of our culture to avoid discussion of something that most of us have experienced. People who seek help from a qualified helper—a therapist, psychiatrist, psychologist, or a social worker—tend to make progress in understanding, living with, and perhaps even resolving the issues that occur as a result of trauma. And when individuals and couples seek support from Laurie Grengs, they find themselves in the presence of a highly trained and experienced professional who exhibits empathy and insight unlike most others in the counseling profession.

Effective Couples Counseling Focused on Trauma

Processing trauma for couples or individuals can be complicated, painful, and can take some time. Laurie Grengs’ vast experience gives her the capacity to work extremely effectively with couples who have experienced trauma. Of course, the kinds of trauma experienced by both individuals and couples are too numerous to name. Trauma experienced by a couple could be the result of a death of a child, a catastrophic illness, or a car accident. Trauma can also occur more subtly, such as in cases of workplace bullying or financial crises. It can also occur as a result of childhood experiences that remain unresolved in adulthood.

It may be helpful to understand that is not necessary for both you and your partner to share the same kind of trauma in order to benefit from couples counseling for trauma. Couples also benefit from counseling when only one of you has experienced trauma. The counseling that Laurie Grengs can offer you may help you understand your partner’s perspective better. If you have experienced trauma, but your partner has not, it may be tempting to think that your partner cannot understand or empathize with your experience. Or it may be that your partner wants desperately to understand and help you but worries that you may reject efforts to help because only you have experienced that specific trauma.

Experienced Trauma Therapist

Working with Laurie Grengs will help facilitate effective communication, which is arguably the most essential building block of healing for couples who have experienced trauma in any form. Whether you and your partner have experienced trauma together or only one of you has experienced trauma, Laurie Grengs is a counselor who can help you. To schedule an appointment with Laurie, call either 877-572-2326 or 763-572-2326.