Trauma Counseling Champlin, MN

Trauma Therapy ChamplinThere are likely as many kinds of trauma as there are human beings.  Traumas, therefore, should not be defined by the circumstances that create them, but by how individuals experience them.  In other words, we can experience trauma whether it has been created by a series of slights that come from an influential person in our lives (correctly or incorrectly perceived) or by more direct and ongoing sexual abuse at the hands of someone who occupies a place of similar significance.  Trauma is defined, rather, by how we perceive it.  And in allowing ourselves that new definition, we can spend less time and energy worrying about whether the experience itself will be validated by others.  To receive the help that you need, it will be of great importance for you to seek the assistance of a highly trained therapist experienced with helping people process trauma.  And if you live in or near Champlin, Minnesota, you owe it to yourself to seek the assistance of Laurie Grengs of the International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy.

Making Sense Of And Responding To Trauma

There is no better trained counselor than Laurie Grengs, and no one better suited to guiding you through the hard but necessary work of trauma recovery.  No counselor or therapist can possess direct experience with all of the potential sources of trauma that their clients experience.  That is a simple reality.  But a good therapist will be able to make connections between and among the sources of trauma, making it all the more important for a therapist to understand the underlying experience of trauma.  It is, of course, a benefit to find a counselor who possesses direct knowledge of your source of trauma, but it should not be considered of primary importance.  Of primary importance should be that counselor’s ability to understand you and your response to the trauma.  And no one is better able to accomplish this than Laurie Grengs.

Laurie Grengs Can Help You Heal From Trauma

Laurie Grengs focuses on you and recognizes your inherent right to heal from whatever traumas remain unresolved in your life.  Consider making contact with Laurie Grengs by phone (763.572.2326 or 877.572.2326) or by email () for an initial consultation.  Thereafter, your association with Laurie Grengs will be highly likely to help you make progress in your desire to recover from whatever trauma continues to affect your life.

Make no mistake, overcoming trauma’s impact requires hard work.  But it is work that is well worth doing, and even more so when doing it with Laurie Grengs.