Things to Remember about Communication

CommunicationIt’s not that self-help books (or videos or other resources) don’t have good information for people struggling in their relationships. Okay, some of them aren’t worth their weight in paper, but some indeed are very insightful and grounded in research. But even the most insightful and dead-on accurate self-help resources are limited by the fact that none of them apply directly to any specific person.

In short, nothing is a suitable substitute to a qualified professional therapist, and Laurie Grengs is uniquely qualified to not only provide personalized insights, but to help interpret each partner’s response to the presenting issues in the relationship and possible ways to maximize solutions to communication issues.

Laurie Grengs Provides Thoughtful, Personalized Approach

The issue of communication, especially in the context of a primary relationship, is both very broad and fundamental. That odd combination is very likely to make us think that identifying a communication problem in our relationships is simple, and furthermore that ‘simple’ means ‘easy.’ But when an issue arising from communication proves to be persistent, our patience can be tested and we may question whether or not the relationship is even worth putting more energy into. But if there’s even a flicker of a flame still burning, it may be a sign that we indeed have the desire to make our relationships healthy in a way they may never have been before. Some steps can be taken to transcend the usual approaches, and Laurie Grengs can help you and your partner engage in new ways.

  • You will be able to see deeper into each other’s motivations, and get at the root of the issues that are of such present concern. Discovering more about the underlying reasons for the presenting issues in relationships—such as fear of abandonment, previous trauma, sadness, loneliness, etc.—can be powerful and can help create new connections between you and your partner.
  • You will work to get past learned patterns of response to pain and hurt. When we are pushed to respond defensively, we may be closing ourselves off to new insights, but those learned patterns kick in despite our best intentions. Making small changes in one’s own behavior can lead to greater gains with our partners.
  • You will develop new safety to speak your mind and to hear difficult things your partner may have to say to you. Vulnerability in relationships is essential, but it is also a volatile component. Vulnerability is necessary to connecting, but when its presence is too strong, it can prompt defensiveness and more.
  • Conversely, Laurie can help you reach out to your partner with greater vulnerability, and request the kind of love and understanding we all deserve from our partners.

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