Therapy Is A Gift We Give Ourselves

TherapyWe were promised flying cars in the year 2000, and robots for maids in every home. But those things have not become commonplace, at least not yet. And while we haven’t entered the future as our childhood memories seem to have been promising us, we have made some advancements, one of which is that we no longer stigmatize seeking psychological help from a therapist as we once did. Yes, there are still pockets of resistance to re-thinking conventional wisdom about more complicated mental health issues. But the ability to identify patterns in our lives that are troubling or simply not working optimally for us is increasingly being seen as a strength.

Multiple Reasons To Seek Counseling Services

Laurie Grengs is a Psychologist in MN that has been serving the people of her community for approximately thirty-five years and is trained to be of assistance on a multitude of issues faced by human beings. Whether you find yourself struggling in a marriage or have issues with anger or depression, talking with Laurie can provide clarity on issues that have been lifelong questions or more recent additions to your life. If you have been reluctant to seek help from a counselor or therapist, Laurie Grengs could help you think differently and more positively about the therapeutic process. She prioritizes you and your self-awareness, and helps you feel affirmed in your attempts to understand the issues that may be inhibiting your sense of fulfillment. Along similar lines, Laurie Grengs is marriage-positive, so if you and your partner are experiencing difficulty, Laurie will work to help you find the best possible solutions for you and your partner.

Everyone Needs To Feel Heard

In its most basic form, therapy is a way of checking your own ideas against those of a trained, qualified listener. Spending a certain amount of time periodically in the presence of someone who will listen to you and provide feedback about how to live your life more fully should be seen as a gift you give to yourself. When we think about our closest friends, and more specifically why we consider them to be our closest friends, what is most often cited as the reason for the closeness we feel is that our closest friends are willing to listen to us. This fact is true for all people, regardless of gender, age, or upbringing. We all want someone to listen to us. We all want to be understood.

Laurie Grengs is a consummate listener, and one who will help you understand that therapy really is a gift we give to ourselves. Give her a call at 1-877-572-2326 for more information or to make your appointment.