Therapeutic Counselor in Coon Rapids

Therapeutic Counselor in Coon RapidsLaurie Grengs is a licensed therapist who provides therapeutic counseling services with care, sensitivity, expertise, and wisdom. If you have been considering working with a therapist to sort through and process issues from your past or present, Laurie can help. She is highly qualified, and has more than 35 years working with clients to use the power of love to help you achieve your needs and desires, improve your relationships and confront the challenges you face. Laurie brings a combination of honesty, forthrightness and a kind disposition, which can be especially helpful as you work through the issues that bring you to her in the first place.

Laurie offers comprehensive counseling services to her clients. These services include:

● Marriage Counseling
● Couples Counseling
● Depression Counseling
● Family Counseling
● Individual Counseling
● Adolescent and Children’s Therapy
● Trauma Counseling
● Traumatic Event Therapy
● Anger Management Therapy
● Substance Abuse Therapy

Experienced Therapeutic Counselor Coon Rapids

It is also important to note that the issues affecting you do not need to be extreme in order for you to benefit from her therapy. Visiting a therapist can be part of your regular mental health maintenance. Sometimes, we just need to talk things through with someone who has our best interests in mind. As a trained professional with decades’ worth of experience, Laurie will be honest with you when she communicates her thoughts about how you move forward in a healthy way.

People who have availed themselves of Laurie Grengs’ therapy learn to trust her quickly and deeply. Her trustworthiness, in fact, has helped form her reputation as a wonderful therapist. Laurie’s goal is to help you understand how to move forward in life and experience joy in the fullest. We empower you to find unconditional love within yourself and share that with others. This allows you to finally make choices to change your current path and find the happiness you deserve.

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No matter what issues you face, Laurie and the Center for International Center for The Attainment of Love and Joy can help. It is very easy to schedule time to meet with Laurie Grengs. You can contact her by phone at (763) 572-2326 or (877) 572-2326; or you can email her directly at . She offers evening and weekend appointment times, and can often make an appointment within 24 hours.