Therapeutic Counseling Services

Adolescent Therapist Coon RapidsLaurie Grengs has served her community through her practice of therapeutic counseling for well over thirty-five years. She has helped a great many people find peace and resolution from difficult and complex psychological issues by using her professional training, compassion, and keen insight into the origins of their issues. Laurie understands that the world can impact individuals in sometimes very negative ways, but she also understands how to create positive strategies for you to counteract those negative forces.

Coon Rapids Therapist

For many people, the issues in their lives can be painful and last a lifetime, but Laurie’s method of therapeutic counseling will help you see that it doesn’t have to be this way. Laurie Grengs offers individual counseling and group therapy so you can engage in a way that is most helpful to you. She’s demonstrated throughout her career as a counselor that she will help you find the best possible approaches to your issues and help you get closer to resolution of those issues. Laurie’s therapeutic counseling services will provide you with an outlet for self-reflection, personal growth, and overcoming mental, emotional, professional, and other personal challenges.

If, for example, you are experiencing the manifestations of depression or even anger, you may find that it’s affecting your marriage, your job or other important relationships in your life. The causes of depression or anger can be many, and Laurie Grengs can help you figure out what those causes are. Maybe it’s related to a childhood trauma, which could be helped by digging deeper into understanding what happened. Or maybe it’s more a matter of nutrition and chemical imbalance, combined with patterns of reinforcement that cause depression or anger to gain strength and power over you. Whatever the causes of your unique issues, Laurie Grengs has the expertise and experience to help you figure out the best path forward to a more positive future.

Individual Therapy Sessions

If you have begun to think that you are unable to reach resolution on your own, it may be time for you to find support. Laurie Grengs and the International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy will help you trace the origins of the issues you are dealing with. And with greater understanding of the origins of the issues, you will be empowered to understand how they are affecting you and, most importantly, how you can address them in a meaningful way and find a greater sense of happiness and peace. It is far more difficult to make sense of such things on your own. You can reach Laurie by email or by phone at 763-572-2326 or 877-572-2326.