Therapeutic Counseling Services MN

Mental Health HelpLaurie Grengs is a highly trained therapist based in Coon Rapids, Minnesota.  If you are in need of psychological support or the help that can be provided by someone with the training and experience to help you gain new insights, Laurie Grengs would be a great fit for you.  Laurie provides a calm, quiet, confidential and supportive atmosphere in which real growth and self-awareness can occur.  Her areas of focus are marriage counseling, individual counseling, anger management, depression counseling and she employs psychological assessments when appropriate.

Therapeutic Counseling Services MN

Therapeutic counseling is also known as ‘psychotherapy,’ ‘counseling,’ or ‘talk therapy.’   Laurie Grengs has offered individual therapy sessions in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, for more than three decades.  She has established a reputation as an excellent therapist as a result of having spent so much time helping people resolve issues that have negatively affected their lives.  In fact, one of the things that sets Laurie apart from other area therapists is that she understands that you may need support outside of your scheduled appointments, so she is available to her clients 24/7 if needed.

Laurie Grengs takes a patient-centered individual therapy approach and focuses on empowering her clients to find the peace, love and joy that is possible in their life.  She will do her best to make you feel comfortable, and involve you in the process of determining the best means of addressing the issues that are impacting your life.

One reason that causes many people to resist seeking therapy is that it’s difficult to find a therapist who fits your personality well.  But people who work with Laurie Grengs have most often found a good match.  In Laurie Grengs, they find a therapist who offers a strong feeling of approachability, empathy, and deep knowledge of human nature.

Psychological Evaluations MN

The goal of the therapeutic relationship is to increase self-awareness.  Doing so can happen on your own, but the complexity of most psychological issues, especially when they involve childhood trauma and other complicated issues, makes it far more difficult to gain greater self-awareness without the assistance of someone who is trained to provide help.  Laurie uses psychological evaluations as a tool to help understand patterns, behavior and actions.  This can offer extremely useful information about a client and helps Laurie come up with an individualized treatment plan that can get you where you want to go.  Call (763) 572-2326 to schedule an appointment with Laurie.