Therapeutic Communication and Counseling

Therapeutic Communication and CounselingWhen the world around us feels like it is spinning out of control, you may conclude that there is not much that you can do to combat it. In your corner of the world, however, in the places where you reside and work and socialize and play, you have more control than you may realize. Working with a counselor like Laurie Grengs can help you set aside the outside noise of the world, at least for a little while, so that you can feel more at ease.

Mastery of Therapeutic Communication Techniques

Working with Laurie Grengs—whether in individual counseling, couples counseling, or in group therapy settings—can help you feel greater confidence in your ability to navigate your way through the world. Many people are inhibited by something as simple as communication. Remember “simple” does not always mean the same thing as “easy.” If you identify that communication is an issue in your life that needs improvement, you have already taken an important step forward. The steps necessary to make lasting improvements often require hard work, and this can be made much easier when you work with Laurie Grengs. Laurie’s counseling techniques demonstrate the value of therapeutic communication. In turn, your mastery of therapeutic communication techniques may be exactly what you need to facilitate improvements in your relationships and how you experience the wider world.

What Is Therapeutic Communication?

A familiar component of therapeutic communication is active listening. Active listening is a technique that you will find in many places in life and exhibiting the qualities of an active listener involves the simple, but not always easy, tasks of being attentive to what others are saying and how they are feeling. It involves not just listening but also reflecting what others are saying. Active listening indicates that you are present in the conversation and are ready to empathize. So you can see how valuable active listening is in all kinds of relationships, and particularly in primary relationships.

Open Communication of Oberservations

Therapeutic communication is something Laurie Grengs practices when working with clients, and she is adept at helping clients learn the associated skills. Another component of therapeutic communication involves sharing observations of others, usually done to indicate that you are invested in the well-being of others. Sharing observations requires you to be vulnerable in the presence of others, and by sharing observations you demonstrate that you care and that you are open to others providing clarification about their responses to your observations.

Therapeutic Silence

Not all communication is spoken, of course, and therapeutic communication also leaves room for therapeutic silence. Intentional silence can be incredibly therapeutic, and when you are intentional about being silent, you may well find that your communication with others becomes deeper, sincere, and more empathic.

Therapeutic communication indicates your commitment to your communication partners. If you would like to learn more, contact Laurie Grengs by phone at 1-877-572-2326 or 763-572-2326 (local) to schedule an appointment.