Law of Attraction (Initial concepts taught to Sabrina): More to Follow in Further Posts

Sabrina displayed an effort in achieving freedom from her trauma that I have rarely experienced as a psychologist. The reason for that this willingness is rather rare, is the belief that many people have that psychotherapy does not help, because most therapy is based on “quick fixes” and medications.The psychotherapy that Sabrina has and did receive was not a quick fix. It was based on assisting her to move into her body to identify her feelings from the trauma, work through the feelings, challenge her beliefs she was taught in the cult, my teaching her about The Law of Attraction, and couple’s therapy.

The teach ability index is a critical factor in whether people will access the help they need through psychotherapy and stay in the process through the completion of their goals. On going psychological maintenance is a valuable process upon completion of a persons’ goals as it was for Sabrina. What on going maintenance means is that in order for the psychological goals to continue to manifest a person needs to be teachable for their entire life. The Law of Attraction is based on the proven concept that the removal of internal obstacles through psychotherapy and then implementing the concepts of The Law of Attraction provides the complete process for achieving and attaining love and joy.

As the public is more accurately informed of what successful psychotherapy entails, more people will be reaching out. Sabrina’s journey in her recovery and healing from one of the most difficult traumatic experiences people face on this earth, is a testimony to the world that if your experience is even more painful or is less intense and of a different sort, there is proven successful psychotherapy.

If you believe in your search for solutions, help and answers to your struggles that I might be the right person to help you, please email a brief description of your issue and I will email you directly to let you know if I can potentially help you.