The Critical Role of the Parent-Child Relationship

family therapy providerA good therapist will tell you that healthy, well-adjusted children have been set up for psychological well-being by parents who value their own self-awareness and are willing to do the hard work to be healthy and well-adjusted themselves. The parent who is self-indulgent, emotionally neglectful, and/or disinterested in the thoughts, feelings, and reactions to the world of their children are more likely to be complicit in their children’s mental health issues. But a statement like that assumes something that cannot safely be assumed: that the parent has enough self-awareness to recognize self-indulgence, emotional neglect, and disinterest.

Looking Inward As You Parent

In other words, parents must work hard to understand their own issues and do all they can to minimize the impact of their own issues on their children. For if there is anything we know about dysfunction, it is extremely easy to pass on from one family member to another. And because of the ease of passing it from one family to another, we have to recognize that it is also possible to pass it from one generation to the next. Among the easiest things to do in life is to allow unhealthy patterns to take root. Conversely, among the most difficult things to do in life is to confront unhealthy patterns and work toward reducing, if not eliminating, them from one’s own life. Doing that hard does not guarantee that children will not be affected by them, but it does create an environment in which an honest accounting of issues can take place.

If any of this resonates with you, the chances are good that you have the capacity to successfully address underlying issues. So if you are noticing behaviors in your children that resemble a lack of confidence, fear of taking social risks (such as making friendships or attending social events), frequent feelings of shame or humiliation, and you believe in your own capacity to address issues of psychological and emotional challenge, you have reason to be hopeful that the patterns being exhibited by your child can be changed, and in a healthier way.

Laurie Grengs Specializes In Helping You Find Your Path

The nature of our lives, though, makes it difficult if not impossible to adequately address such things on our own. Laurie Grengs can be helpful to you as you try to unravel whatever level of dysfunction you may have left in your life, and in doing so you can be laying the groundwork for helping your child overcome the beginnings of similar issues. The parent-child relationship is critical to the child’s healthy development, but that healthiness does not take place in isolation. We all must do the hard work of reaching health and maintaining health. Laurie Grengs can help facilitate these processes. Call her at (877)-572-2326 to make an appointment.