Therapy Client Testimonials

“Since seeing Laurie for our marriage therapist, my husband and I have finally got on the path of positive communication. My husband and I had seen several marriage counselors before finding Laurie Grengs. Thank you to Laurie for saving our marriage.”

“I was looking for a psychologist that would help me with the break up with my girlfriend. I found Laurie when I was searching on line and reached out to her. She has helped so much with my self-esteem and assisted me to change my patterns in relationship with women. I am now in a new relationship that is loving and respectful that is leading to marriage. I recommend Laurie highly.”

“I found Laurie Grengs from a friend who had been seeing Laurie for psychotherapy in regards to struggles she had from her childhood. My friend recommended I see Laurie because I was having nightmares and a lot of anxiety. I went to see Laurie and am continuing. I have Post Traumatic Stress and Laurie’s help as a psychologist is changing my life. My nightmares have stopped and my anxiety is decreasing every session I have with Laurie. I am so grateful I found her and I am continuing to see Laurie for therapy until all my goals are achieved.”

“As an executive in a fortune 500 Company, I hired Ms. Grengs because she had the training as an executive coach and as a psychologist. I needed assistance to turn around the group I was managing. My employees were not performing at their best and the negativity in the work environment was getting out of control. Within a month after hiring Laurie, I was implementing a plan that was changing my employee’s attitudes and subsequent performances. Laurie also gave me specific direction on what to do to change the negativity and what I could do to be an empowered positive force to lead this change to a successful creative environment.”

“Having struggled with depression most of my life and that having affected my marriage, I decided I needed to go to counseling with a psychologist who could address my depression and my marital issues. I did a google search for a depression therapist and a marriage therapist and found Laurie’s website. The name of her practice is what drew me to her. The name of her practice is The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy. I called and was able to get an appointment within one day. I have gotten so much help from Laurie and have recommended her to several friends. I am continuing to work with her and my depression for the first time in my life is healing like I never would have expected. I am thrilled I found Laurie for a psychologist.”

“I came to see Laurie when I knew that I had to deal with being sexually abused as a child. I had some sense of it for years as an adult, yet when my sexual relationship with my husband was dwindling; I knew I needed some help. I found Laurie Grengs, Psychologist, on line at her website. I called her and got in to see her within a day. Three years later my life has changed for the better. My marriage is healthy and the trauma I experienced as child has less effect on me every day. I urge you to call Laurie and work with her for she is by far been the most helpful person in my whole life. I am forever thankful to her.”

“I highly recommend Laurie Grengs for a Life Coach. I hired her for six months and she outlined very specific goals to assist me change my career path. I knew my career was not going where I needed it to go. I was quite discouraged when I called her. When I called Laurie, she talked to me for about 45 minutes at no charge to be sure we would be fit, if I were to hire her as my Life Coach. I stepped forward and I worked with her.  Now I am in a new career and so satisfied with my job and I love my work now. I am so happy I decided to go to a Life Coach, especially having it be Laurie Grengs.”