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Anger Management Therapist

Youth Psychological MNLike any form of therapy and counseling, finding an anger management therapist who will help you effectively work through your challenges can seem daunting. You not only need to find someone you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts and feelings with, you need someone who can provide you with effective tools and strategies for overcoming your obstacles and getting control of your emotions and behaviors. At The International Center for the Attainment of Love and Joy, Laurie Grengs specializes in helping patients find internal peace – and if you’re struggling with anger, your willingness to seek your own inner peace will play a large part in your journey toward managing your anger. If you’re looking for an anger management therapist in Coon Rapids, Blaine, Anoka, Andover or Ham Lake, MN, look no further; you’ve found her!

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Anger Management Help Coon Rapids, MN

Manage Anger Coon Rapids MNAnger is part of the human panoply of emotion. But, in the twenty-first century, so is excess and extremity of reaction. We live to extremes and with extremes, and that dynamic may be responsible for the consequences many of us suffer when anger becomes outsized and problematic.

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