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Therapeutic Counseling Services

Adolescent Therapist Coon RapidsLaurie Grengs has served her community through her practice of therapeutic counseling for well over thirty-five years. She has helped a great many people find peace and resolution from difficult and complex psychological issues by using her professional training, compassion, and keen insight into the origins of their issues. Laurie understands that the world can impact individuals in sometimes very negative ways, but she also understands how to create positive strategies for you to counteract those negative forces.

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Therapeutic Counseling Blaine, MN

Positive Stress MNLaurie Grengs, a psychologist who serves Blaine, Minnesota, has been practicing counseling and therapy for more than three decades and has provided therapeutic relief for people who have been seeking to resolve difficult issues.  Laurie has done this with a combination of excellent training, compassion, and probing insight.  Combined with great understanding of how the world works, and the effects it can have on otherwise good people, Laurie Grengs is a reliable source of support in your attempts to get resolution to the issues that are negatively affecting your life.

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Therapeutic Counseling Services MN

Mental Health HelpLaurie Grengs is a highly trained therapist based in Coon Rapids, Minnesota.  If you are in need of psychological support or the help that can be provided by someone with the training and experience to help you gain new insights, Laurie Grengs would be a great fit for you.  Laurie provides a calm, quiet, confidential and supportive atmosphere in which real growth and self-awareness can occur.  Her areas of focus are marriage counseling, individual counseling, anger management, depression counseling and she employs psychological assessments when appropriate.

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